Youngest Daughter’s Gifts For Her Teachers

At first I didn’t plan on giving gifts this holiday season since we are out of budget but my friend was giving me suggestions where I can buy some gifts and what to buy for a very affordable price. She also advised me to buys early on December or late on November so I can choose nice gifts and affordable ones. We ranged from 50 pesos to 100 pesos for the adviser we ranged from 100 pesos to 200 pesos. She said it’s Christmas, the price of the gift is not important at all but the thoughts that you gave even the gifts are not that pricey. For now, I am already done buying the gifts for her teachers so in the coming week I will just mind buying my kid’s gift to their respective Manito and Manita. Thank GOD that even I am always out of budget, He provides for us. I also want to thanks my friends who are always there to support me.

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