Internet guidance

Faith is my youngest child and although she’s already 8 years old and is already in grade two I still treat her as if she’s still a baby; well, we all treat her here as if she’s still a baby. Faith is such a sweet, caring, and a thoughtful kid although sometimes she’s a bit too “makulit” and annoys her sister or her cousin. She brings joy to all of us and makes us laugh with her crazy antics. She’s already mature for her age and do things on her own without letting me say it twice.

She learns a lot of different things because she loves to read and is also likes to browse the internet. But sometimes letting your child browse the internet on her own can be a problem like they might read or see prohibited things that aren’t meant for kids to see. So, that’s why I try my best to monitor my child whenever she uses the computer. Parents should always monitor their children whenever they use the computer to avoid things that aren’t meant to be seen by your children.

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