Dive into the Past

For those who are captivated by Chinese history and culture, chinaandrome.org is dedicated to bringing you a website that focuses on the rise and eventual collapse of the early Chinese empire. At the same time, it also takes an look at the early Roman empire, making comparisons between the two. You can go a step further with the book, The Dragon and the Eagle, an interesting look at the United States as the new Rome and the rise of a new empire in China today. In order to understand the present, one must look back at the past.

History Repeats Itself

It has been said that history repeats itself. That remains to be seen with the current relations between Western culture in the United States of America and Eastern culture in China. However, you can study the past. Chinaandrome.org cherishes the history of imperial China and ancient Rome, two forces of great power where many advances were made. Learn about the Silk Road, a focal point in commerce in ancient times, as well as the many nations that were tied to the Silk Road through trade. China and Rome have a rich history that changed the world. When you visit chinaandrome.org, you can learn more about these building blocks that have influenced the present day.

Let the Dragon and the Eagle Guide You

If the chinaandrome.org website isn’t enough and you have to know more, The Dragon and the Eagle is a good place to start. You’ll have a hard time putting it down as you explore political and military topics about ancient times. Study timelines that go into great detail about ancient China and Rome. See how the cultures were similar in some ways and where they crossed paths. Neither could stand alone and both would eventually fall.

There’s Always More to Learn

You never stop learning. With chinaandrome.org at your fingertips, you can continue to teach yourself more about two, complex cultures. Ancient Rome and China were intriguing. They still draw inquisitive minds today and will pull you in as well. Marvel at the past, think about the foundations that were put into place for today, and consider the relations between modern cultures in the present. As you see the connections between ancient cultures, you will be well-informed and be able to draw conclusions about societies of today.

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