Exam Week For My Eldest Daughter

If last week, it was Faith exam week, now the home is having no TV again policy because Mj have to study religiously to cover up her grades from last grading. Yes, I just don’t bother her at all to wash the dishes so she can concentrate. So even though she’s at home, I still can’t sleep early because I still have to take care of Faith before I go to sleep.

This week, again she did not attend her training. I know she has lots of skip ever since the school started but what can we do? Our schedule is just so hectic that nowadays I could not even send her during my day off’s. I know she understand it but how long can she sacrificed going to the pool alone.

The worries that I have as well when Mj is still out at night could not be bought by money. It is just so scary having the thought that 11:30 at night she is still out in the house. I just contented myself that GOD will never forsake her while she’s traveling home. Faith that’s the only thing that I can hold onto that she is safe until she arrives home.

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