Voucher Granted

I was contemplating whether to transfer Mj or not but when I learned that some school had a very affordable enrollment fees, we went to inquire right away. It was dreading so hot that time that I and Mj went for school hopping, after gym we went to Davao Doctors College, and I was so surprised how affordable the enrollment fee was, believe it or not for just P 600. 00 pesos you can already enroll your daughter. I was ready to enroll Mj but she said to wait because she wants to go to another school yet, she wanted to visit UIC.

We went there right away, although Mj was not allowed to go inside since she was wearing shorts and crop top, I was still able to check how much was the fee. The enrollment was P1, 500.00 only for afternoon class. Mj choose the latter, she said that she felt like at home even she was just at the gate waiting for me. So we made a deal, I can enroll her to that school as long as she will abide my rules. The tuition fee every month was P 2,800.00 every month but if you are a voucher grantee, it will be lessened to P 1,000.00. It has been a while that I did not visit the page. I was already doubting if Mj’s voucher is already approved it has been months were waiting for the news and whenever I open the page, I did not see any approval yet.

This morning, since my daughter keeps on telling me to open it, I tried my luck and I was so surprised and happy that my daughter was granted with the scholarship. I can’t be happier seeing the codes that I waited for 5 months already. Thank GOD we can get discounts of her tuition fee, in that way I can save more! Voucher Granted Yes!!!


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  1. tedeef says:

    thanks for your experience ^^ so inspiring

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