Her Idea

Faith tooth got extracted last Friday. It was her idea to have her damaged tooth removed. She said she can’t take a day to have it extracted. Before we went out to the dentist, I told her about what will happen when we are already there. I even told her that the injection for the anesthesia is a bit painful but that is for helping her to endure the pain of extraction. She seemed understand but then when she saw the injection she got a little freaked out. I have to explain again that if she would quit we will go to back step 1 and her damaged tooth will not be removed. I told her to just be there the whole time, she got calmed. And finally the dentist was able to pull off the damaged tooth. I thought Faith will get a little drowsy but then she got hyper after the tooth got extracted. The dentist hugged her tight for being so brave. She got an ice cream for a reward.

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