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Before You Board Your Pet, Check These Tips Out

For any of you dog or kitty owners who need to board your family furry friend, here are some tips on how best to select the right pet boarding hotel on the planet.

Needless to say, there are a lot of pet boarding places available–some good and others not so good. Thanks to the internet today with its dynamics, superior quality boarders such as Pay Print Inn dog boarding in Plymouth, are easier to find than when you had to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends.

Let’s see what some of the most obvious tips are when selecting a hotel for your furry companion.

Morning And Afternoon Recess

Just like a real school for your youngsters, your dogs both need and want quality time to run around and exercise with others of their peers. Running, playing and just plain rough-housing with others at the boarding facility helps keep them healthy and alert. It also helps them keep happy and out of trouble until it’s time to go home.

Daily Housekeeping And Room Service

No one likes to live in a smelly, damp and overall filthy environment–not even your family’s furry sidekick. Making sure the facility is swept clean and odorless is vitally important in helping to keep things healthy and free from dog diseases and tiny critters of every variety.

Three Delicious Premium Meals A Day And Four Potty Breaks

It stands to reason that after every meal, there should come a potty break–up to four a day. To do any less may lead to unclean surroundings and dog diseases associated with loose bowels or constipated tummies.

Stress-Free Environment and Pleasant Surroundings

Quiet, soothing surroundings with piped-in pleasant, relaxing music are the dreams that make doggies smile. If the dog boarders have temperature controlled air-conditioning, all the better. In other words, treating your furry friend as the member of your family that he or she really is, will help add rewarding and long-lasting life to the one that stays so close to you at all times.

For more bits of advice on what to look for in a pet boarding home for your little, or big, furry friend, then a simple search through the internet will be sure to turn up quality pet boarding spots with informative articles.

Moreover, you can check up on the boarding spot by visiting their website or actually visiting on-site before bringing your furry, cherished possession for a stay there.

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Failed But Happy With Other Event

Faith was so excited to join trick or treat at work, but I realized that I needed to register first and it was too late already since the registration was already closed. Good thing that my niece has an event for trick or treat in the mall she worked for. She invited us to join, we just need to buy the pail for trick or treat worth P 75.00, I also bought Faith a headband witch and a nerd eyeglasses. Faith already had a costume that we bought last year, it was then perfect. For only P 150. 00, we had so much fun going around the mall to ask for treats. Faith almost fills in the whole bucket.

But of course, I needed to guard her not to eat all of the candies because of her teeth. She will have toothache if she kept on eating them. We supposed to watch the magic show but didn’t push through it because we were not able to find chairs to sit on. So we decided to watch a movie. At first, Faith was hesitant because it was a Tagalog movie, she’s worried that she can’t understand the story at all but oh well it has a subtitle so she enjoyed it so much.

We went home so happy and full. Till next time.

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