Failed But Happy With Other Event

Faith was so excited to join trick or treat at work, but I realized that I needed to register first and it was too late already since the registration was already closed. Good thing that my niece has an event for trick or treat in the mall she worked for. She invited us to join, we just need to buy the pail for trick or treat worth P 75.00, I also bought Faith a headband witch and a nerd eyeglasses. Faith already had a costume that we bought last year, it was then perfect. For only P 150. 00, we had so much fun going around the mall to ask for treats. Faith almost fills in the whole bucket.

But of course, I needed to guard her not to eat all of the candies because of her teeth. She will have toothache if she kept on eating them. We supposed to watch the magic show but didn’t push through it because we were not able to find chairs to sit on. So we decided to watch a movie. At first, Faith was hesitant because it was a Tagalog movie, she’s worried that she can’t understand the story at all but oh well it has a subtitle so she enjoyed it so much.

We went home so happy and full. Till next time.

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