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Done With The Re-Evaluation

Faith is diagnosed for ADHD when she was in kinder. Don’t feel bad about it, my daughter is okay, we just need to correct her behavior so she can focus more.

So our evaluation just done last Friday, I really thought that we can transfer her already in a big school, the school near us but I was wrong because she still need to improve more, she still can’t focus, she talks a lot even while completing her task, she’s very impulsive and distracted.

Her Math evaluation for school related skills was yet in Grade 3 and she’s already in Grade 4. She whined when she have to answer the Math problem.

But with Science and Reading comprehension, she is so advanced for it.

The Doctor suggested for a Math Tutorial and a Behavioral Therapy.

I was thinking to continue her Kumon in Math and won’t do a Behavioral Therapy that if I will stop working. To stop working is to sacrifice for some extra stuff. If I stop working, our outside activity like eating in a restaurant, or Jollibee or McDonalds will be limited. We need to budget a lot with foods to eat at home, allowances, and transportation, which means no Taxi even all the Jeepneys are full.

I know that if I am working I can provide them all the stuffs, especially Mj will be in college soon. I can help big time with our expenses at home. But I really have to think about this, I also don’t want to compromise the things that my kid’s needs especially with their school and education.

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Blogs, Nowhere To Be Found

I startled when I learned that the rest of my blogs are down without any reason at all. When I learned what happen I totally don’t want to write even to this blog because I don’t want to be reminded of those blogs nowhere to be found. But since I am on leave at work due to a recent asthma attack, I drag my chair, open my laptop and wrote about what happen to my blogs, good thing my host (Ma Belle) is working so hard to retrieve all the files and I am waiting, hoping that they will retrieve all my blogs.

Blue host you have to answer all these things to us. Why did you delete all of it without giving us the notification so we can be ready? The re-seller of your host is much updated with the payments but why did you just hit the delete button without confirming it. Your sorry is not acceptable at all, you have to answer it or at least provide my re seller of anything for this inconvenience that you incur to her and us.

I just hope and pray that they can retrieve the files; I was not able to back up my files because I reformat my computer and I didn’t have the slightest idea that this will happen sooner or later. I found my xml files in my external hard drive but the latest I have there was on 2014 yet. I don’t know what to do if I could not see all my blogs live. Lord please hear me out!

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Checking the Geographical Boundaries before Calling for Help

Miami is one of the biggest cities in the U.S. It is so large that contracting businesses that operate in the area often have to break up their service areas into divisions. They set up offices within each boundary to serve the entire city better.

These divisions determine what offices customers have to call when they need services for their homes or businesses. When you need professional inspection, diagnosis, and sub zero refrigerator repair Miami residents like you might be advised to check the service map before you make a phone call.

Services Based on Neighborhoods

Miami has numerous neighborhoods that all have their own names. The names of these neighborhoods, however, might encompass smaller boroughs that while part of the city lack their own geographical identification.

Still, if you know what neighborhood your own borough is located within, you can refer to the map to ensure that the company offers services for your part of the city. You can click on the neighborhood name that corresponds with your address and find the number and location of the division office that serves you. You can then call that location for repair services.

Types of Repairs

Regardless of where you live in Miami, you will have access to services that will get your appliances back up and running quickly. One of the most important repair options you can ask for is repair of a freezer, fridge, or ice maker that is frozen from repeated use.

When an appliance like a fridge or ice maker runs continuously, it may freeze up and stop working. It must be thawed out and possibly filled with more Freon before it can start operating correctly again. Sometimes the valves, hoses, and motor components may need to be replaced as well.

The company’s technicians are experienced in thawing out frozen appliances that no longer freeze, cool, or make ice. Most of the jobs can be done in a single day often within a matter of hours. You can resume enjoying your appliances quickly when you call for these services.

Once the repair is finished, your technician might instruct you on how to prevent the mishap from occurring again. You may be advised to run it at a slightly warmer temperature. You also may be told to avoid packing your appliances too full of groceries to enhance the flow of air.

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A Job Well Done

I decided to get a medical certificate before Christmas so I can join my kids to celebrate the Christmas Eve besides my throat is really not doing okay; I have a hard time taking calls because of my voice. At first I thought to just work at Christmas and I will just go home at 11 in the evening to and get back to work at 1 but for me to make sure that I can celebrate it with them, I went to the Doctor and have my throat check, I was diagnosed for Acute Laryngitis.

I went home right away after I submitted my medical certificate at work. I had fun talking to my sister at our small dining table when I heard some gun shots. I hugged Faith right away and commanded my niece and Mj to crawl on the floor, my niece kept on shouting to get the dogs inside the house before the door closed.  After a while, my nephew went out from the bedroom and asked what we were doing, he even said all the people outside looked up because of the fireworks but you here were all crawling and that’s the time we realized it was just some fireworks. I mean who expected for some fireworks in Davao, while we have a very strict rule here that we are not allowed for any firecrackers or fireworks on Christmas and New Year.

Right after the commotion, the clock strikes 12 so I gathered the kids right away to open their surprise gifts. As you can see the video Mj kept on asking what was her gift and Mariel too, no one knows this time.

Indeed, it was nice seeing them gets so excited of their gifts. I could not contain my happiness seeing them scream and so excited of what they will be getting. It was a job well done for me!

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