Everything Is Possible

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

My eldest daughter is now becoming a young adult and I noticed some changes in her, she is more into music now, her clothes are more revealing and she is doing some color of her hair that made her hair got damaged but she just can’t stop it. I believe it is becoming a hobby already. She changed her hair color thrice in a year and I am sure it won’t do good for her. So I told her to try human wigs, she laughed at me at first. But when I showed her the african american wigs, she was so surprised how lively it all looks like, it is a human hair indeed! She was browsing in the internet and she was delighted that everything is possible nowadays, she can change her hairstyle and the color in an instant without anything harms to worry about. I know you must agree with me that changing hair color can bring severe damaged in the hair but with Divatress everything is possible.

From the day that she found out about the wigs, she won’t stop asking me for it but since it is the start of the class this month, I might have to set the idea aside. I have to prioritize kid’s school requirements; actually tomorrow we will start buying their school supplies. Good thing though I already bought a bag for my youngest daughter the other day. She can’t contain her happiness when she realized I will buy the bag for her right at that moment when she picked it up from the display. Tomorrow will be another day; I hope I can buy all of the requirement before the school starts this month.

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