How Busy I can Get?

Yesterday was so hectic. I didn’t have enough sleep up until now because of work and kids. Yesterday, after work I have to dropped by at Faith’s school because I need to return her school uniform at the sewer because it was too small. When I arrived home, I have to prepare her snacks and dinner. so when Faith gets home, she can eat her snacks right away thus we can start studying her Filipino and Aral Pan, we need to work double time for those subjects, since she could barely understand them.

Right after we study her lessons, I need to go out at 8 in the evening to meet my eldest daughter in downtown. She has been practicing for the whole week for their music band. Today marks their acquaintance party and they have to get ready for it. She needs something to wear for their party that has the touch of 1980’s fashion. We went home late already and here I am waking up early to prepare for breakfast then work after. See how busy I can get? Can I freeze the time? LOL

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