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Past Time

Whenever I and my kids are just at home, we either just watched movies in Netflix or doing Karaoke but recently we just could not do the latter because our microphone is busted.

This past time is actually could save everybody’s bucks. You can keep your budget right if you can watch movies at home.  You know how much is the movies nowadays especially if the movie is a blockbuster. When I watched a movie, I can only bring one of my kids, either Faith or Mj, I could not bring them together at the same time because I am sure I would spend more than I only supposed to spend. Thus, if you want to enjoy a movie together with the whole family, then just watch it at home.

Doing Karaoke or singing together at home can be the most fun activity. Most of us I believe is always a singer at heart. Even though we don’t have that golden voice, as long as we can find time or a chance for us to sing, we just gladly took the opportunity. Buying a new mic that can enhance our voice would be a nice idea and of course with a good component as well. On the other hand, the other day my sister just brought me a new microphone and right away, we sang our heart out.

We are also into playing some music instrument and Mj always finds a way to learn some piece. And recently she was able to find a way for our piano to play, she did it with the cord of our laptop, she plugged it in our piano and it works.

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Memorizing Multiplication Table

Faith is memorizing multiplication table recently and we are so serious about it. The first 30 minutes everything is so smooth but later on, it gets harsh because she kept on forgetting, I already tried to help her but she kept on forgetting. The last time we had the Multiplication table memorize was from 2 to 7. I don’t want her to use her fingers to check for the answer, I want her to do it on her mind and that’s what we are practicing for a while now. But she can’t avoid it, she something doing it with her finger. But Faith even though she’s an ADHD, she listened. I always told her that what we are doing is for her own good. We continued and then right after we had a mock quiz. The real struggle starts there since I do it not in chronological order, she got lost again.

We went back to memorize what we stopped a while ago then went to mock quiz again. She is trying it hard and finally she was able to answer it all.

Her Dad knows the struggle; he recommended a game for Faith to answer. It is fun and innovative. We used it once and yeah Faith had fun, she does it easily because the answers are there, you’ll just have to drag it. We were doing it also after the mock quiz.

Yesterday, we were not able to do it because she only got her tooth extracted. Yeah our appointment was yesterday and I could be so much prouder because she was able to cope up her fear of having her damaged tooth extracted.

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Walking Around The Village

I needed to fetch Faith early today so we can attend her Kumon but then when I got to school, they’re not done yet. The teacher told me that they are having a small birthday party. One of her classmates is celebrating her 9th birthday. We waited there for a long while since the snacks did not come yet. And I was sure we will not be able to get to her Kumon on time then I realized also that I wasn’t able to bring the Kumon worksheets. So it would be a waste of effort if we still go there.

I promised Faith that I will be walking her around the village before memorizing the Multiplication table. So when we arrived home, Faith changed her clothes right away then we walk around the village. She had a great time though especially when we dropped by at our friend’s house.

She had a blast today but right after she cried because of the Multiplication table. I asked her to memorize them but she tends to forget what number is next. We are still up to 6 though and I was planning for her to master the Multiplication table at least next month.


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Busy Kiddos At School

My two kids are too busy at school nowadays.

My eldest daughter is one of the dancers at school and they were practicing really hard since they are going to perform it in NCCC Mall next month for their recital. And right after their dance practice, she would go to the other room to practice for their school band; she is the lead guitar so she needs to practice especially when she will be given a chance to have some time to strum the guitar in solo. Next week she will also be in training for MTAP, she is one of the representatives for the incoming Math Inter-school Competition.

My youngest daughter is also busy nowadays. It has been like two Saturdays already that she needs to go to school for her declamation practice. The declamation contest will be on February 7 in Colegio De San Ignacio and I am sure to watch it since I already filed a leave to watch her.


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