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Do I have to worry?

I am not sure what to do to my little toddler anymore; she can’t seem to be still at school. She easily gets bored and when she does, she would roam around the whole classroom or even hide at the back of the chart. Although she won’t listen to her teacher, somehow she manages to identify all the colors and can easily pronounce it very well. We even teased her of her pronunciation, she sounded like her father yet she is surrounded by the native people like me. LOL. And when she spoke to me in English, I am trying hard to speak to her in English. We really don’t actually teach her to speak like that; she just copied it from the cartoons that she watches in TV. And what surprised me is that she uses the word in the exact situation.

But I hope she would behave at school and will not hide under her table or put her legs on the top of her desk, or tell her classmates to wake up during nap time. I know she is too little yet to know what she is doing, I guess she is one of the youngest at school but she really needs to be tame. I hope my husband is here to help me decide if either we have to take her for a specialist for being hyper or do I need not to worry?

Extra Curricular Activities

My eldest daughter is taking her training seriously; we are planning to join the team in the upcoming competition next month. We don’t have a form yet, I hope we can have that before August starts. Aside from swimming, she also have worksheets to attend to for her KUMON sessions, she had both reading and math, I plan to take one out but she said it will be a waste, she already have started it so she must finish it. But let’s see if her schedule really hectic maybe we will give the English a rest, she can continue her Math since that’s her favorite.
I thought she will be no longer attending activities at school, but to my surprise she did, last week she told me she just joined the VOICE, it is a choir organization of their school and she told me things that they just did like their practice and such. Good thing that her teacher knew that she’s a swimmer so their practice schedule would always be in the morning between 8:00 a.m., to 8:30 a.m. I just didn’t argue with her, I know that she loves music so much, she prefers to listen to the music in you tube than to entertain her friends in FB and if when she’s at FB she is, just playing Tetris. But this weekend she wasn’t able to use the computer because of her busy schedule, she just listen to her favorite songs through her cellphone. Well, anyway whatever she becomes, I am always be here for her, she just have to bear in mind that more than anything, her school must be on top of her priorities.

Where’s My Paper?

My little Faith is a persistent toddler; she will do all the adventures on her own little world. Just today at school she did not behave again, she would rather like to play than to listen to her teacher, she want to just stay under her table.
So my sister has to get inside the classroom for her to behave, and when the teacher passed on some papers for them to color, she noticed that her teacher did not give her one. And so she asked “Teacher, where’s my paper? Paper please, please?” the teacher seemed not to notice her, her Aunt was watching her, and gave her signs if she needed a paper, she then said “Malyn, paper please?.” My sister approached the teacher and asked her about Faith’s paper, the teacher said “Oh Faith, I’m sorry, I forgot.” So my sister took the paper and gave it to Faith, my little Faith immediately told my sister “Thank you, Malyn”, such a naughty but a sweet little Faith.

Recognition Day

We are going to school today, our neighbor, Jm’s classmates that we are required to go to the school for Recognition Day. My daughter is going to receive an award from school. I am not sure what it is, but whatever she may have received, it is either academic or not, I am still so proud of her. Jm is just an average kid and I have no problem with that. She has her own skills and talent, she just have to explore it to be recognize.
I will bring my youngest daughter and will head to the mall afterwards or if we still have time I might just drag them to my BFF’s niece birthday party.