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She Did An Amazing Job

The day before Faith’s recital, my sister told me that Faith was being acknowledged for doing a good job during their practice for their Doxology part. The teacher congratulates for dancing it with all her heart. When my sister told me about this, I can’t help but to get excited.

I thought they will perform it in the morning, since the teacher said she had part in the morning program which is the Matinee. She danced with the hip hop but she was in the back, thus I could not take any picture nor took a video for her. She only joined two parts in the morning. The rest was held in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, they have started the Gala with their inspirational dance “Doxology” I went in front right away so I can see her clearly and they were right she danced it glee this time. She was able to follow the steps with emotions; it was too way different from her performance last year and the previous year. I nearly cried when I saw her dance joyfully and seriously. My eldest daughter approached and said she was so proud of her little sister. This is indeed a milestone for her; I can already say this time that she improved a lot.

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Auditioned For Cheer Dance, Passed!

My eldest daughter recently auditioned for Cheer Dance, I was so pissed off because when I fetched her to school, I have to wait yet long enough that I have to drive around since I could not park properly. The spot that was vacant was only for loading a child and unloading so I could not stay there for long, I need to move around. The guard was already asking me and advised me to text my daughter instead but her phone was left at home at that time, so there’s no way I can tell her that I was there already. I didn’t know that that she is still inside the building to audition for Cheer Dance. After a while, she went out from the building already, I was already mad when I saw her, she told me though that the auditioned took very long to finish. I just said she could have texted before from her classmates or called me on the land line so I will not be arriving so early.

Anyway, after a week they had the 2nd auditioned, which she passed, the decision took them several days and recently she told me that she passed and she is included now with the cheer dance. They started the warming last week; the instructor told them to start learning how to split since they would need that during the practice. They will perform the Cheer dance on Intramurals Day; this is a competition so they have to push their best. The Intrams will happen very soon before their semestral break. Mj is a very active child so even though she stopped the training for a moment she still does sport or dance performing on the stage. Way to go Mj!

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My Youngest Dancing Ballet

My daughter loves to dance even she doesn’t know how to, even her father said Faith does not know how to dance, how come she loves dancing? In the contrary, the ballet dancing that she showed me before the New Year was a lot of fun. I even took a video of her dancing the ballet, although it was not a proper stepping but she tried her hardest to sway like a ballet dancer does. I don’t know where she got the stepping maybe it was from the book that we read about a little girl who wants to know ballet. I remember, she was imitating the tip toe and showed it to me. Anyway, have fun watching the video below:

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