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I Am So Not Well

I am not feeling well, I haven’t enough sleep last night, and I feel like dark circle is starting to appear around my eyes. The moment I stoop inside the taxi cab, I feel so drowsy and I slept in the cab for one hour. There was an accident happened on our way to the gym that causes the long traffic. I thought we were already so late but when we arrived at the gym, they did not start the swimming yet, because like us, they were also trapped in the traffic.

Now that I am free!

When I was working in a call center company, I can’t help but to have a dark circles, around my eyes it was because of waking up the whole night to attain some customers over the phone. It gets worst when I can’t sleep during daytime anymore. I was always wonder how to remove dark circles, around my eyes; I tell you it was not easy. And because I already have a hard time sleeping anymore, I quit my job. Well my main reason was because of my baby, she was just born and I was not available for her during night time and I swear to GOD it tore me apart! That’s why I decided to resign from work and be a full time Mom to my kids. Now I am free of dark circles, not only that I also have much of fun time with my two love bugs.

Check it Thoroughly

Some acne treatments are not that effective, have you noticed that after you put some treatments into your acne, you skin is so dry at all? Some even have side effects so you must be careful buying some products for acnes because you might be dwelling a major problem after the treatment. You must check the acne medicine thoroughly so to decimate the acne and not to give more allergy to your skin. You also have to remind yourself to have a stress free routine like taking closely to your diet and have a complete rest at night.

Teen’s Problem

Every teens I know when having pimples and acnes are often pondering in how to get rid of acne, they would sometimes prick it out because they don’t know what treatment is the best for it and mostly they could not afford branded products for their acne. The causes of getting acne are mostly when a person doesn’t get enough sleep or when she is eating a lot of oily foods. Just like me now, I am so sleepy and I am sure that I would get pimples in no time if I don’t sleep as required. So it is not only teen’s problem but of course to those young at heart as well. Therefore, I need to take a nap again not later but now.