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My Youngest Storytelling

The school starts already last Monday and so we should be sleeping early. I am back of confiscating my niece computer after 9:00 p.m. and no TV during weekdays and most especially sleeping early.

Last night, when I told the kids to go to bed, Faith has many stories to tell.  She told me her own story after I read her a story of the book that my sister gave her. She said that there’s once a blue bird inside of a cave, the bird is singing, dancing and eating and soon there’s a monkey went to the cave, they fight and monkey lose the fight. I fell asleep while my youngest daughter was still telling me about her story and later on, when I was awaken by a dream, I saw her already sleeping beside me.

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Mama Sing!

I was doing my task here online when suddenly my daughter wanted to be carried and have asked me to sing the “I’ll Be There For You“. As I was not in the mood to sing, I searched the song online and played it through there. I put her on the bed after as I thought she was ready to sleep but she got up again and asked me to sing. So while typing, I was also singing for her but geez you can’t hit two birds with one stone, so I stopped singing from time to time to think what to write here and F was whining, she cried her lungs out. As I was already annoyed by her gesture, I went to bed with her. She protested at first but because I already closed my eyes, she can’t do anything with it but sleep.

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Fell From Our Bed Again

Usually, I put my youngest daughter between of Mj and I but I always heard of my youngest complaints every night, it’s either her Ate is putting her legs on top of Faith or Mj would move in the middle and Faith felt it too tight already. I always woke up with her complains or whining. Thus, the other night I put Faith on the side and I just placed a pillow so she will not fall, it worked like few nights but last night together with the pillow she fell from our bed. I woke up with her cry saying ‘Mama’; I immediately took her from the floor. Now I really don’t know where to put her but sister said maybe it is better she will be put on the other side since the bed is attached to the wall so she will not fall, I hope it would work this time.

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He supposed to buy the pink bed

It was Saturday that my husband was on a hurry, he needs to go to a store that was on sale at that time. He wants to buy a bed for Faith, a preparation when we go there to be with him. Unfortunately he never make it, he said there were five left of the bed he wants to purchase but it was gone in just seconds.
He was disappointed and so was I because I already seen the bed online, it has color pink and Faith would be like a princess when she would lie down on that bed but anyway, maybe it was not for us. My husband said he would still buy another bed though, he just have to wait for another sale in town, hopefully at least a month before we arrived.