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The Bike Needs A New Wheel

I just noticed that my eldest daughter is not using her bike anymore, later I found out that she needs a new wheel because it was already torn apart, she tried to send it to vulcanizing shop but still it didn’t work. I went to a store and ask how much would be the wheel for her bike but they have to know the size of her wheel when I called her, she didn’t know and she needs to check it out yet. We were in a hurry at that time so we were not able to wait for her reply, anyway I will be going back there some other time to buy the wheel. I just need to bring her or have the size before we will go to the store. Yeah I really need to purchase it before the whole bike will get busted. They said when bikes or other things could not be use very often it will get rust and damage.

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It Will Be Just Unfinished Mission

My eldest daughter loves bike, in fact I bought her a bike on her birthday as our gift for her. And she is always using whenever she have to go to store to buy something. The only problem is if we go to some place or a beach and she likes to bring it we don’t have a rack on the top of our car and her bike is too big to put inside our compartment, this is always our problem so we opted to just leave the bike at home. If we only have SUV may have install the bike rack for suvs right away because they are already available. Unlike with my car, it seems like I will have to look for it forever, not to mention that I’ll be selling it soon so it will be just unfinished mission.

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A Bike For Her Birthday

Mj’s birthday is fast approaching, good thing she doesn’t ask for a party this time. She just asked for a new bike that she could ride on whenever she wants to roam around the village. I am already making a canvass for a bike; I saw one in the mall and its semi mountain bike. It’s worth P3,000.oo, it has  complete accessories, it looks as if it won’t give up that easy although yeah the amount is a bit expensive but I guess it’s all worth it since she is not asking for another party on her birthday, she just asked a pizza for her classmates. I just hope that the bike that I am going to buy is really durable and would long last, her old bike did not. Mariel was also excited because that means she could ride on Mj’s bike as well. She wanted to ride a bike in this past few days, she said she wants to lose weight and biking could help her with her weight.

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