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I Am Confused

My cousin just messaged me this morning that they are hiring this time in the account that I had been wanting to join for a year now. I really wanted to go to submit my requirements but this week is just so hectic. Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s birthday; I will be the one to deliver the lunch for the whole class and 2 boxes of pizza. If I will go at their office at 8 in the morning I may not be able to make it to do all things for Faith’s birthday because after I will deliver their lunch I have to grocery shop for our dinner at home then I have to go back in SM to buy the gift she wanted, not to mention I still have work later at night. Too busy that sometimes I can’t handle anymore.

On Friday, my sister already booked our Eden outing, an extension for her birthday celebration. Faith loves nature and animals and since we haven’t been there yet, I’d like to treat her, supposedly it was only her and I but my nieces, Mj and sisters would like to join, so I will be treating the whole family. I am hoping my money can make it. So moving forward I still can’t make it to their office. I know that opportunity knocks only once but how can I grab it, while I need to be a mother first for my kids. Oh God please guide my decisions.

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A Simple Celebration On Her Birthday

My youngest daughter birthday was celebrated last month, it was just so simple and I only invited a few since our foods are only for like 20 people and even less. I just invited my friend Analee and her family and my friends in the team, my family too is there to celebrate the birthday of Faith with us. My brother-in-law was the one who cooked dinner for all of us.

Faith was so happy already with the small celebration that we had and she loved the cake that I bought for her. She was so contented on it since she was the one who picked the design from google. She told me though that next time, she will love to have a pumpkin cake. LOL and that she like her guests to wear Halloween costume. Yeah, she knows her birthday is the love month and did not fall in Halloween but she said oh well she loves to have ghosts and monsters on her birthday, what can you do? It’s her birthday anyway. LOL.

Oh I almost forgot she wants a parade too waaaaaaaaahhh

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Her Birthday Is Fast Approaching

Tomorrow will be the birthday of my youngest daughter. Good thing I still have some money saved from my online earning. I really set that aside for her birthday celebration for tomorrow. Faith is excited about it, in fact she already have a cake in mind she like to have on her birthday, she have searched it in google right away when she learned that her birthday is fast approaching.

Right now we are busy buying ingredients for her birthday, I was with sister and brother-in-law I am just so lucky that they are always available for me whenever I need somebody to cook especially for an occasion like this.  I also have ordered the Strawberry Shortcake Theme of the cake, the Strawberry Shortcake theme was her idea, we just follow good thing I was able to find one.

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We Were Able To Get By Just Fine

Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of my daughter. I was worried though that my budget is not enough. My friend told me that pizza only cost P550.00 so I guess my budget is just right. I really thought that the pizza has the bigger size for P550.00 but I got more worried when I saw the size of the pizza.

I went to the other mall first to buy paper plates, plastic cups and spoon and fork. I also bought a junk food for us to munch while waiting for the kids to finish their one hour training. Since I still have some left I thought to buy a pancit canton, I already bought loaf bread in the mall. I drove to S & R to buy the pizza; the staff let me choose if I want 8 slices, 16 or squares, good thing I choose square. They asked me to wait for 20 minutes.

I know Faith is already hungry so I bought one meal to share for both Mj and her. After 20 minutes we claimed the pizza and I was surprised with the size. I even asked Mj if we have to buy another one, Mj said though that it was already enough. I bought 2 boxes and I really wanted to go back there to buy another box but it is getting late and we need to pass by at Davao Famous restaurant to buy a pancit canton, which later turned out to be pancit guisado. Oh well I was confused and worried about the pizza that it will not be enough for all of us.

I am just so thankful that I have friends who are always there for me, whom I can depend always. The pizza did not finish right away because we have other foods to choose, one parent brought some snacks an Ube laya or something I am not sure, one parent bought a moist cake with a Happy Birthday Mj greetings, one parent brought a carrot cake and one brought a brazo de mercedes.

Thank GOD! I really thought the pizza was not enough. And thank GOD we were able to get by with her birthday just fine. We were even able to bring home some foods too!

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