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Blogs, Nowhere To Be Found

I startled when I learned that the rest of my blogs are down without any reason at all. When I learned what happen I totally don’t want to write even to this blog because I don’t want to be reminded of those blogs nowhere to be found. But since I am on leave at work due to a recent asthma attack, I drag my chair, open my laptop and wrote about what happen to my blogs, good thing my host (Ma Belle) is working so hard to retrieve all the files and I am waiting, hoping that they will retrieve all my blogs.

Blue host you have to answer all these things to us. Why did you delete all of it without giving us the notification so we can be ready? The re-seller of your host is much updated with the payments but why did you just hit the delete button without confirming it. Your sorry is not acceptable at all, you have to answer it or at least provide my re seller of anything for this inconvenience that you incur to her and us.

I just hope and pray that they can retrieve the files; I was not able to back up my files because I reformat my computer and I didn’t have the slightest idea that this will happen sooner or later. I found my xml files in my external hard drive but the latest I have there was on 2014 yet. I don’t know what to do if I could not see all my blogs live. Lord please hear me out!

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Blog Makeover

Obviously you noticed the new lay out of this blog, yes finally the lay out make over was done, and it is also the courtesy of my lay out artist Rheayanne. Yes, if you want to have a blog make over, I would highly recommend her to layout your blog and trust me her codes are so clean, no extra hidden codes whatsoever. It is not only this blog that she had makeover with, but the My Little Home as well. On the other note, if you want to have a blog make over you may contact her here.

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Dedication, Passion and Patience

Since I was a kid, I always love to write. In fact, I have a diary before wherein I could write my daily activities, secrets, disappointments and achievements. It continued until I was in high school, it only stops when I got too busy in college, I was working while studying and it was not that easy for me to do it simultaneously, my passion to write my daily rants in life was set aside. But never it was forgotten because during my spare time, I always find myself writing poem, thoughts and quotes mostly in my down moments.

My friend whom I’ve met online was the one who introduced me to blogging 6 years ago, she told me of her write-ups over the Internet, and I was so amazed with how much she had earned. I know I wanted to try that on right away but I did not pursue it because I was too busy at work, plus I worked in a night shift and every time I went home, if I will not be talking to my fiance, now my husband, I would rather go to bed than staying in the computer for more hours. My work then required enough sleep during daytime so I won’t be sleepy on my working hours at night.

When I finally resigned, I consulted my friend again on how to create a website, I followed it one by one. I admit I started from scratch; I have to know this and that especially on the codes. There are times that I worked over time just to make my blog looked impressive. I know I could earn from blogging right away but I didn’t put it in mind, it took me months to submit it on some paid sites because I was enjoying writing my emotions online knowing that my husband is reading it that added my inspiration to write more. It is easy to start blogging, it is only a 1,2,3 steps but if you don’t have the dedication, the passion to write and patience, therefore blogging is more difficult than you could think of.

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Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary

It has been awhile since I didn’t join and win a contest, I hope this will be granted with Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway. Well, anyway best of luck for all of us who joined and if you are not able to join the contest yet, well you better hurry now since this will only run on Feb. 15, 2011. I am sure you do want to win $100.oo dollar at stake right? So what are you waiting for? Just click the badge for the mechanics.
If I win, I will probably volunteer to pay some of our bills, like Internet and the electricity bills. It is not that my husband is complaining our expenses; sometimes it brings me a good feeling when you are contributing some of your expenses at home.
Big prizes will be waiting for you if you are the chosen one:
1st winner – $100
2nd winner – $50
3rd winner – $30
4th winner will get a two-column Blogger or WordPress template, color of winner’s choice.

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