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We Went Out To Watch A Movie

Since I was not able to keep my promise to my kids that we would watch the Smurf, yesterday since it is Saturday, I dragged them to the mall for bonding and watch a movie. I thought they would choose the Planes but nope it is not, what they choose is the Mortal Instrument. I am worried that Faith won’t like it; I also wanted to watch the Mortal Instrument myself. The Planes has 3D only and I am on a tight budget because my sister wanted to borrow some money, and 3D is more than expensive than the regular one. So I just choose the Mortal Instrument for us, crossing my fingers that Faith would love it too.

My niece and daughter went down first to buy some popcorn; we just bought a bottle of water since we already have some drinks in the restaurant. Good thing that when we went inside the cinema, the movie just started yet. We looked for our seats right away, Faith is the one who carried our popcorn, we only bought two, and we shared for it. Faith got interested with the movie, she understood the story but the thing is she would talk so loud that everyone could hear her. We always reminded her to minimize her voice, she would make some comments in the story and how scary is the monster.

On the other hand, Faith enjoyed the movie just like her sister. And I am just so thankful that it did not bore the youngest, otherwise we could see her disturbing other moviegoer. We went home right away after the movie as I am worried that it might rain due to the LPA and when it rains here it floods.

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Do More With Your Kids By Biking Or Running

Even just exercising, you can do it with your kids, of course we wanted them to physically fit so we tell them as often as we want but it is better to practice what we preach. No need for gears or gadgets to do exercise. You just need a two pairs of rubber shoes and run with your kids inside the village or in a real track oval in sports center.

If you have a bike, you can also do biking together, it is so much fun to bike with your kids and explore new surroundings and new places. If your child is only a toddler and he/she only have the trainer bike or have three wheels, it does not affect the fun at all. Start it by teaching your kids how to ride on two wheels. Just a few laps around the blocks and you can have the greatest bonding with your kid. This is also your make up time especially when you are too busy and not at home very often.

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Daddy And Faith Bonding With Ice Cream

I thought we will just be staying home today, but later in the afternoon Mj asked me to go to the mall to buy her some notebooks. Additional notebooks would be needed for their activities at school. I thought we already had enough since I followed all the requirements on the list I didn’t know they will have to ask more.

So my husband and I with Mariel and Faith went to the mall. The Daddy and the daughter had fun eating the ice cream since the daughter asked his father to buy her some ice cream. How a Father could says no, so we went to the store and they had so much fun licking in their ice cream. My husband was with Faith the whole time as I am busy picking things up for the house. When it was our turn to pay at the counter, he have to take Faith to the rides since she is already bothering us, she got bored so Daddy have to take her away from the crowd and they both enjoyed the 4D nearby. They have done the racing car; my husband said they were with some nuns at the 4D. Faith had so much fun with her Daddy, they also went inside the trampoline and he also let Faith ride the small motorcycle. When they got back we are almost finish with paying our stuffs.

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Wears Her Favorite Accessories And Weekend Bonding

Faith was so delighted when she received the bows and ribbons that my friend made from Texas, she always used it whenever we go out and the picture below would be the proof that she loves it. Along with the bow, she also wears her favorite necklace and bracelet.

 photo HPIM0316_zps176c9cb4.jpg

Striking a pose for Mom, with one finger in each hand near her face

 photo sumo_zpsa5d9e074.jpg

Me, Mj and Mariel enjoying our dinner at Sumo Sam.

It is weekend so after mass we would go to eat outside, it would maybe in a fancy restaurant or in a fast food chain. Whatever the cost maybe during the day, the important is I enjoy the weekend with my kids.

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