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Thank You For The Undying Support ProverbsVille

Yesterday was Mj’s competition for DCAA and as usual I was not there to attend to her in the morning. Just like in DAPRISA she was attended by her teacher at school. One of her teacher fetches her here and sent her to the venue. I was not there because I had work until at 12 noon. I didn’t have to worry anymore of whom I should ask to attend to her because the school represented already. This is what I like of her school because everyone is just so supportive.

When I arrived at the venue, I didn’t expect that her principal is there also to watch her swimming. I was so overwhelmed; it is simply my first time that everyone including the Principal is there to support. If only I can turn back time, I already transferred my eldest daughter to this school way back when I transferred Faith, maybe we did not stop the training because I have the whole school to cheer Mj with her swimming competition. Thank you Proverbsville for the undying support, salute to the Principal and the whole faculty members including the students.


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DAPRISA Swimming Competition

Unlike with her previous school, her school now is so supportive of her. Her Principal even announced that she will give 10 merits to those students who would watch her event. The reason why, during her competition last Sunday, the cheer went so wild when she is trying her best to swim fast.


 photo 14463024_1765411867063045_603501769799473608_n.jpg

Mj with her coach and her classmate

Mj saw her previous team mate in the event. It seems like nothing has changed even Mj did not already return to her previous team.

 photo 14484814_1765411917063040_1040437955471139356_n_1.jpg

Mj and her previous teammates

 photo 14573005_1765412023729696_799309913066780753_n.jpg

Her best friend went there to witness her event too

 photo FotorCreated_2.jpg

The whole gang went there to watch Mj performance in swimming

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She Is Qualified For DCAA Inter-School Competition

As what I have mentioned before with my other blog, Mj got only less than three weeks of training, two weeks to be exact. She doesn’t want to go back to swimming but when her Principal asked her to do it, she can’t decide easily she want to say no but later on her principal was able to convinced her.

When she decided, of course I can’t just let her join the competition without training. So last month, I decided to have her back on training but we did not go back to our previous coach. Her school has a swimming instruction, and we decided to take him instead. He is not really a competitive coach, he teaches only swimming but he does well. He was able to let Mj concentrate with her training and there are times too that they do some exercise for her breathing.

Less than three weeks, I already told their Principal not to expect much because to get the strength back with just two weeks of training will not be enough.

But knowing Mj, she has the drive to compete. Even it is hard when she determined to do it she can especially with the support that she got from her Principal, classmates and teachers. It was overwhelming.

She got too nervous.

When I called her during the competition, her voice was so low I know that she is freaking nervous so I told her to just enjoy and have fun.

When I arrived, her teacher then told that she was able to qualify. They are so proud of Mj’s performance. She was not able to hit the first place but she did it. She was rank 3rd and definitely she got it.

Congratulations Mj, I am so proud of you!


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Her Band Won

Last Friday was the battle for their band at school, it was held with the same schedule for Buwanang Wika. I promised to be there and watch their performance but their performance was earlier than what we expected. I wasn’t able to come since I have to pay the monthly fee for our house in Ph. 1. But when I got there, I stayed there for a while hoping to hear who won the contest. Mj was smiling when they finish their performance; she said that the audience like it and more likely their luck is with them.

Mj asked me if she can be with her friends after school so she can celebrate their successful performance. That time she asked me if she can go out with her friends, they did not announce who won the band yet. The winners were announced and it was them and Grade 8 was left unannounced, the emcee said whoever they call will be the grand winner, they bowed their head and prayed and then the emcee announced the winner. It was them!

I clapped so hard, I didn’t expect they will win but I am hoping that they will and they did. I am so proud of them. I will be posting their pictures soon.


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