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A Long Journey Of My Youngest

Faith finally had done her declamation last February 07, 2017. All I prayed was that she won’t forget and that she can recite well. I even asked before the day of the competition if she knows what to do already with her declamation, she answered YES confidently and when I said really, she said she will just have to pray.

I got so nervous when her number was called; she was even in the number 1 contestant. I could not take her a look on the stage. I even told her teacher if she can take a video of Faith while she’s on the stage for remembrance. She gladly went in front to film her.

And we were so happy that Faith was able to finish the whole piece without stammering, she finishes it all! She doesn’t have many actions unlike with the other contestant but I don’t care. This is a long journey of Faith and she accomplished it so much. Thank God!



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When I am Old

I and Jm just went to Pre-Pageant of Ms. Philippines Earth and you know what? I just forgot my camera, silly me! So I can’t show you some pictures, I have to wait for my friend to upload her pictures in FB. I am so pissed of myself because this is the second time around that I forgot my camera for a very rare special event such as this. Well, blame it on aging? Maybe if would get too old, one possible illness I will have is Alzheimer’s disease because right now I am experiencing it at all. I just hope that when I get to the age of forgetting things including my name, someone is still there for me, to take good care and to tell me things will be alright.

Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary

It has been awhile since I didn’t join and win a contest, I hope this will be granted with Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway. Well, anyway best of luck for all of us who joined and if you are not able to join the contest yet, well you better hurry now since this will only run on Feb. 15, 2011. I am sure you do want to win $100.oo dollar at stake right? So what are you waiting for? Just click the badge for the mechanics.
If I win, I will probably volunteer to pay some of our bills, like Internet and the electricity bills. It is not that my husband is complaining our expenses; sometimes it brings me a good feeling when you are contributing some of your expenses at home.
Big prizes will be waiting for you if you are the chosen one:
1st winner – $100
2nd winner – $50
3rd winner – $30
4th winner will get a two-column Blogger or WordPress template, color of winner’s choice.

The sponsors: is Holding a Contest Again!

I have seen this contest all over the web, even my friend joined this awesome contest with a very wonderful prizes. I have a watch that I bought last year during my birthday, it is still not damaged though but to have a new two Fossil Ladies watch and 1 Kate Spade Kikay Kit is a dream come true for my upcoming birthday this month.
So tell me, wouldn’t you drag this fabulous prizes?
1st prize – Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize – Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
I am sure, like me, you want to own those amazing watches and cute Kate Spade Kikay Kit. So don’t you just look and drool over those things but visit the site that is hosting this contest, I am talking to no other than Go ahead and spread the good news.
Remember this contest will end on December 18, 2010 so hurry now and join the fun at the for the mechanics.