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Make It Super Duper Fast

If before Faith marked a word to my husband’s head, this time she nailed it again. Daddy asks permission to Faith that he would go back to Maryland for some errands, Faith was a bit quiet. In the airport, Daddy hugged Faith so tight and told her he will be back soon for her, Faith then answered him “Daddy make it super-duper fast”. My husband was the one who was silent this time, the word just struck to his heart, he was sad to leave but he has to. But even though Faith said okay that her Daddy had to leave soon, she could not help to cry so loud in the airport, she bade goodbye to Daddy and said I love you. I just hugged her tight and comfort her that Daddy will be back very soon as long as he is done what he needs to be done in Maryland.

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The Precious Star

We had so much fun while chatting with my husband this morning. Faith woke up with the star that her sister gave her last night and she can’t help to utter the song “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, we showed it to Daddy over the webcam and my little girl keep on smiling, we even called him on the phone for Faith to sing her Daddy her favorite song, while she was holding the star. She can’t get over it and she even brought it to school. It was just an ordinary star, a project of Mj in one of her subjects yet for Faith it was such a precious star that was made out of paper.

Girl’s Talk: This always makes me cry over and over again

Ever since I heard this song over a radio, I always love to hear it over and over again. It is simply because I miss my father so much. And whenever I listen to this song I can’t help but to cry. There are no enough words to express how I miss him so much, and how I feel so empty without him and Mom in my life. I know it has been so many years they have taken away from us yet until now all the memories are still so vividly marked in my mind. I will and always be missing you both Dad!

A Short Poem

I was away to our kitchen to cook some foods for us, and when I got back here I found this lovely poem in my site. A short poem from Dad to his family. Have a nice Monday everyone!
Once upon a time in a land far away,
a boy fell in love with a girl.
They chatted on the internet and grew very close
and their romance was quiet a swirl.
They met in time and before to long they had a baby girl.
She was cute and sweet even if she was kulit
and was their little jewel.
Her sister swims like a fish and would love ot live in a pool.
she is cute and sweet and just as kulit as her little sister.
Mom is cute and sweet
and having married her I know why the kids are kulit
even though she is dear.
I love them all even they are not tall,
because they are so sweet