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The Evolution of Photography and Video

When I was growing up, the only kind of photography available to us was the film type.  No digital video or point and shoot cameras.  We had to buy film and take the photos from one of the old conventional cameras then take it to a shop for processing.  It would take days or in some cases a week or two to get the photos.  You really did not know what you were getting until the prints came back.  If you were lucky, the shop would not charge you for the ones you messed up on, but most would.  Sometimes the results were very good and sometimes, if your hand was not steady, the photo would not turn out well.

As far as home movies go, most of us could not afford a video camera.  It was not until cheaper VHS cameras came out that we could.

Now that we have digital cameras, almost all of which can take movies, we have a lot more freedom with what we want to capture.  I have imagery of both my girls that are very dear to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the very first time I was able to capture my youngest daughter on digital video.

One thing I wish I would have had back in those early days was step by step videos instructions. I know I could have done something’s better when taking the videos.  I have followed my youngest one from her birth to now and as for my eldest daughter, I have almost all of her swimming competitions on my computer.  Now if I want to compile the video I can, I can make a montage of all her competitions and edit sound and music.  I love my kids and as they grow I want a record of their progress, their triumphs and even the moments when I catch them when they are just being crazy young girls.

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Blue Monday : My Daughter’s Activity

My youngest daughter who is only 3 years old is fond of, one day when she was the one using my computer, she tried to experiment my digicam, which at that time inside my drawer. She clicked and clicked it, trying her best to get the best angle of her activity in So don’t be surprised if the pictures were not captured well, anyway, what can you expect from a 3 years old toddler who sneaked out my camera inside my drawer. LOL!

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Online Shopping For Myself And For My Kids

One thing I would like to buy this holiday season for myself is another Digital Camera. The one that I have doesn’t capture so well, it is only good in videos. I’d like to buy a very high end Digital Camera, I hope I could find it online, since there’s no way I could go to the mall to look around for a Digital Camera, it is just hard when my eldest daughter had training for swimming everyday plus she has to attend her advance tutorial twice a week. Best Buy would be the best one for me when it comes to some stuff; they have all the things they can offer with affordable prices. I guess shopping for some gifts for my kids would also be done online so I will not be rushing in the crowded mall this holiday season. If you would ask me if I get too tired with me running around here for my kids, yes I am but it’s all worth it when you know you are doing your best because of them. Being a Mom is such a very tiring job, everyone must agree of that, but when we are able to witness their achievements, momentously those are priceless yet all your hardships are paid.

Our Day Today and The Newly Repaired Camera

Last week, I found out that my Nikon Digital Camera was broken; I have to look for a Camera specialist to fabricate the lock because obviously someone had dropped it and broke the lock where the battery was placed. And Mj then told me that she saw Faith one night dropped it in the floor, she hadn’t notice that it was already broken. Now it has fixed although I spend P 700.00 on it, which for me was a bit expensive yet it was better than to spend another bucks to buy for a new camera.
On the other hand, since it is Sunday today, right after I visited 200 sites this morning. I immediately went to the kitchen to join Mj for breakfast. Faith and my niece Mariel were still sleeping yet. Later, Faith followed, I prepared some foods for her right away while she watches her favorite cartoon in the TV. Then I told them to bathe so we could go to church when I done some cleaning both in the living room and in our two bedrooms. Mariel was doing the other bedroom while I was cleaning Mj’s room. Mj was the one taking good care of Faith and when she finished with her, she washed the dished immediately. At 2:00 pm., we already went out.
Mariel had her hair done before we heard the mass and went to the mall to grocery shop after the church. We had our meal there, then we bought some grocery items for the house, Faith picked up a Barney book in one of the shelves there and no matter how her two Ate’s tried to return it, she would really scream and insisted to keep it. So I decided to buy the book for her and despite how sleepy she was, she still keep it until she closes her eyes and fell asleep in my shoulder while we were waiting for our turn to pay those at the cashier.