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FTF # 56: Hito

Right after we watched the movie cars with my kids, we headed to Antonio’s Restaurant to taste their special Hito or catfish. I was so surprised of how big their hito was and obviously the price was as huge as well. Anyway, what matters most was we had a very sumptuous dinner and we had so much fun!

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FTF # 55: Sweet and Sour

This was the sweet and sour I cooked last Christmas, I wonder what will I cook this coming Christmas. How I wish to celebrate it with my husband.


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FTF # 54 : Chocolates

These are the goodies that my husband sent me through Fed Ex today. Now, I could eat some chocolates without worrying of gaining weight because slim fast can just make you feel so full even your not. LOL

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FTF # 53 : Cake For Nutrition Day!

The only dessert I could think about when Faith’s teacher asked us to bring some desserts for their Nutrition Day is a cake from Red Ribbon.

This is the cake for school.
And since I know that the cake will be finished just before the party ends, I made sure that we could still some munch some cakes, I bought another cake for the house so when the party ends, when we are at home, we can still eat a cake.

I am sorry for not capturing it well.
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