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The Gift Of A Meal

If it’s difficult deciding on a gift for someone you love, then consider meal gift baskets. These aren’t the traditional baskets with lotion or soap in them. They have ingredients for a meal or even a few gift cards for restaurants. There are numerous ways to make a meal basket depending on what the person enjoys and how much money you want to put in the basket.

A breakfast basket is an idea for someone who is up early in the morning or someone who enjoys making breakfast for the family. You can include anything from muffin mix to pancake mix. Include a bottle of pancake syrup, a spatula, coffee and a mug or two. If you want to make a basket with lunch items, then you could put a small loaf of bread inside, jars of peanut butter and jelly and a few other items that are easy to fix for lunch. This is where you should think about what the person can eat or what the person enjoys. Children might like macaroni and cheese while older adults might enjoy soup.

Making a basket with meals for dinner can be a bit more complicated. This is the kind of basket that you can make with a few gift cards to favorite restaurants, especially if the person lives alone or doesn’t have a lot of time to cook. Spaghetti, sauce and similar items can be included in the basket. A meal basket is an idea that you could consider for someone who has recently moved into a new home or for someone who has recently had a baby. You can make this kind of basket for an elderly person who might not be able to fix large meals. This is a basket that can be given for a birthday or anniversary as well. If you make the basket for an anniversary, put a wine glass or two inside as well as a small bottle of wine or champagne. After everything is in your basket, wrap it in clear cellophane so that the person can see what’s inside. Tie the top of the basket with a decorative ribbon that blends well with the items that are inside.

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A Job Well Done

I decided to get a medical certificate before Christmas so I can join my kids to celebrate the Christmas Eve besides my throat is really not doing okay; I have a hard time taking calls because of my voice. At first I thought to just work at Christmas and I will just go home at 11 in the evening to and get back to work at 1 but for me to make sure that I can celebrate it with them, I went to the Doctor and have my throat check, I was diagnosed for Acute Laryngitis.

I went home right away after I submitted my medical certificate at work. I had fun talking to my sister at our small dining table when I heard some gun shots. I hugged Faith right away and commanded my niece and Mj to crawl on the floor, my niece kept on shouting to get the dogs inside the house before the door closed.  After a while, my nephew went out from the bedroom and asked what we were doing, he even said all the people outside looked up because of the fireworks but you here were all crawling and that’s the time we realized it was just some fireworks. I mean who expected for some fireworks in Davao, while we have a very strict rule here that we are not allowed for any firecrackers or fireworks on Christmas and New Year.

Right after the commotion, the clock strikes 12 so I gathered the kids right away to open their surprise gifts. As you can see the video Mj kept on asking what was her gift and Mariel too, no one knows this time.

Indeed, it was nice seeing them gets so excited of their gifts. I could not contain my happiness seeing them scream and so excited of what they will be getting. It was a job well done for me!

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The First One Who Opened The Gift

I was not able to wake up at Christmas Eve. since it was raining so hard and its cold and its nice to sleep when its raining. I woke up past 1 in the morning already.

I thought the kids opened their gifts but how can they while they were sleeping with me. However Mj was the one who woke up and opened her gift. She knows exactly what it is since I keep on sending her pictures what she likes.

On the other hand, she opened the bag this dawn and since she knows it and she picked the right one for her.

 photo 15741244_10211052650608296_4312842318297534601_n_zpspunpesxr.jpg

Nike Bag is ready for you Mj

 photo 15726805_10211052650368290_6617700574787728831_n_zpsn5kys1yj.jpg

Can’t wait to use it

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Colorful Butterfly

This colorful butterfly was given to Faith when she attended one of her classmate’s birthday parties. It was one of the giveaways during the party. And this colorful butterfly is always on the bed, whenever she slept at night, 2 stuffed horses are there. I always put them on the display but Faith keeps on putting it back on the bed at night during sleep time.

Faith and her classmates always have nap time at school, and this colorful butterfly can be used as a pillow but Faith did not bring this one yet in the school. Maybe when she noticed that the pillow at school was brought home for washing then that that will be the time she would bugged me to bring the colorful butterfly at home. LOL

 photo 1e448a4d-758b-46a4-9085-ab1746b41be0.jpg

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