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Girl’s Talk : Pink

I used to love pink but as the years passed by the pink become blue although I still love seeing some women wearing pink or even men. They looked so neat and clean. Before I met my husband, I told myself that on my wedding I wanted to have a pink motif, but it was not realized because my husband doesn’t like pink, he said blue is better. Last two years ago, I attended a wedding, which the motif was pink. It looks stunning although, I guess it looks livelier if they combined it with other color.

Girl’s Talk : Most Memorable High School Moment

I have so many memorable moments when I was in high school, my teacher always remarks me in my report card that I was the most friendly students ever. Imagine, almost all my classmates will going to our house that is made of wood just to hang out, or watch a movie through betamax, it was betamax during that time yet. When I counted them, they were like 24 students went to our house.

And from first year to fourth year high school, every time I celebrate my birthday, my friends were always ready to pour me some water, or flour or eggs. I was shocked on my first year high, I wasn’t prepared but on my second year, I ran as fast as I could but they always got me. Good thing, that time there were already two of us who celebrated our birthday, so it was not only me who got wet but two of us.

And last but not the least was my first ever crush on high school, it was during my 3rd year to fourth year high, we were not classmate nor school mate, he was our neighbor back then. He was not handsome but I like the way he crack some jokes. LOL it made me laugh so hard, but then although we had a crush on each other, he didn’t became my boyfriend, it is just maybe we cared too much of our friendship that we didn’t want to ruin it if we broke apart.

By the way, I am sorry for being late again in submitting my entry, it was just we got too busy last night that I was not able to open my computer sigh!

Girl’s Talk : Class Pictures

I am sorry guys but I don’t have any class pictures, if I have it is at the album and we don’t have a scanner for me to scan it. I hope these pictures would still be count as my entry for:

Well this was me with my Dad during Kinder Graduation Day

Me and my Best friend Janeth during College Graduation.

And yeah I guess this is close to class picture since we were in our uniform. LOL
Again, I am really sorry for not following the theme, yay!

Girl’s Talk : The subject I hate the most

I am sorry guys, I was not in the mood to blog yesterday, I was so depressed and down, and I feel like I am the stupidest girl in the whole wide world. On the other note, enough of that ranting, yesterday is past and as what my husband said, that was only a part of learning our mistakes.

The subject I really hate most is Math, I really don’t like and I even could not understand the x + y and square root of something. Grrr, I hate it, I can just answer it if there’s an earthquake drill and the students are required to go outside, in that case I have the chance to copy the answer of my classmate LOL!