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Bible Study For Her

My youngest daughter is trapped at home!

Oh no, not that trap, trap but trapped like it has been weeks that she doesn’t have any activity at all. I felt guilty though because we were not able to attend the grand graduation in McDonalds aside from we don’t have money for the fare to go there together with my sister, I was not able to buy another ticket for the guardian. Good thing though that the school invited kids for a bible study and I thought it would be a nice activity for her. They just started last Monday and today is the 2nd day. I was the one who sent her to school because I am on leave at work, this would be a nice bonding with my daughter, ya know just some old stuff, sending her over and fetching her after. I feel like I am a fulfilled mom. They have 2 days to attend the Bible Study and she is always excited to mingle with other kids, listening some stories and talking with the teacher.


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We Can’t Stop Them

How I wish to just stop the time so my kids won’t grow up, so they will not explore the world and so they would remain a child forever. But we can’t just stop them from growing up, no matter how we take a hold of it, we just can’t. Now, as parents, the best what we should do is to guide them and explain them of everything around them. We could not just punish them without a heart to heart talk; make them realize that what they did was not right by telling them the consequences.