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Recital On Sunday

Mj and I are having plans of what she should wear during her recital this Sunday. So tomorrow, we will go out together to buy her stuffs. She is worried though that she will not make it to recital but her instructor said that she is qualified for recital because she learned so fast. She is practicing her piece at home, at first she practiced the chords of Hawak Kamay but she changed her mind when she found out that the 15 of Taylor Swift is more cool for her age. When her instructor approved of it, she practice it at home immediately with a capo. When I heard her playing I can’t hide my excitement to watch her on stage. I am so proud of her that she learned very fast with this field, I told her she can continue that at school.

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Accessories That We Need To Buy For Her Guitar Lesson

My eldest daughter is finally enrolled for her guitar lesson; she is very excited about it. She was even counting the calendar of how many days is left before her class will start. We are actually made a canvassed already for a guitar for her to practice while at home and we didn’t realized that we need more accessories for her guitar until recently when somebody told me about emg pickups, the attendant of the store kind of explaining what is it used for but I still didn’t get the idea. Maybe I can understand it later when Mj will start her lesson this month, I told her to understand everything so she can relay it to me and we can purchase the accessories that we need for her lesson.

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My Daughter Will Study The Guitar Soon

My eldest daughter is looking for a new after school activity.  She was very active in swimming, but wants to take a break from it and learn something else.  She has asked about guitar and piano lessons.  I much prefer she study the guitar.  My husband likes the sound of Gibson guitars, especially the Gibson Les Paul.  I don’t think our daughter is ready for that and have been looking up gibson guitars at Musician’s Friend to see what is practical and affordable for her.  I am glad she does not want to take up the drums.  That would drive us crazy.

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A Wonderful Guitar

When I think of guitars, the first brand that comes to mind is Gibson. My eldest daughter has expressed an interest in learning the guitar. Of course we will want to start her on an acoustic, but I know that my husband has been impressed by the gibson les paul standard. He enjoys listening to it especially when it is played by Mark Knopfler. He loves the sound of Gibson Les Paul, its rich sound and especially the skill with which Mark Knopfler plays it. When I heard “Brothers in Arms” played on the Les Paul, I could really appreciate the sound. It is a wonderful guitar.

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