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I Need To Have My Own House And So I Can Design It

When the house does not have the better fluorescent lamp, the house would look like lousy and not impressive at all. So even our house is not that glamorous, I make sure that I have the best compact fluorescent lamps so the inside of our house would be bright all night long. I am also choosing a lamp that has the energy saver so our bill will not be that high not to mention that the electricity bill is increasing this year. That’s what I’ve heard from a friend yesterday when we had our coffee in a coffee shop, the electricity company will have an increase of charges this year. And speaking of expenses, geez, I know I spent more than enough last two months because of my two daughters’ birthday. And now I am looking forward to cut some out at least, I am aiming to lesser my expenses for next month. Oh well, I know it is not easy since I need to buy things for the house and some of my fluorescent lamps are needed to be replace. But how I wish we could move out in the house for the next two months, I am already tired of this house already, I can’t do the things I needed to do because it’s not mine. I missed having my own house to have my own design and decide my own what to do with it.

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Enhance My Home Decor

Our house could use some new window treatments. Right now, they have the old style pull down fabric blinds. They blinds are functional, but not very attractive or appealing to the eye. I have been thinking about changing them for something that would add to the décor of my home yet provides the same functionality. A faux window blinds may be what I need. They are attractive and functional. I can choose form a large selection of colors, either to match the furniture in my home or to match the paint on the walls. I love home decorating it is always on my mind. A simple thing, like buying new blinds can enhance my homes décor and it they will not cost me an arm and a leg.

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Those Things Catch My Eyes

From time to time when we go out I see tents with logos on them. Various companies use these logo canopy to host special events and if you are driving or taking public transportation, they are designed to catch your eye. Recently a bank in my area had a new branch opening. They had the bank branch, but outside they had a tent, with the bank’s logo and inside the tents were giveaways, games for kids and information about the bank and it’s services.

Now this is one way I have seen that will draw attention. It is a type of passive advertisement for a company or organization meant to draw my attention. I must confess, they always catch my eye. Trade shows for trade show flooring or trade show carpet are another venue that may take advantage of this type of advertising. An event tent with the company logo or name on it is one way to get people to see what you want them to see and learn more about your business or product.

From time to time, when I enter a place of business, I will find a welcome mat, carpet or tiling with a company logo mats or name imbedded in the flooring material. As a matter for fact, my youngest daughter is often attracted to these types of things especially if they are cute or have an animal on them. So whenever I go out, I always look to see what is around me, and the next time, I will try to count the tents with logos and carpets they may have a logo or company name on them. Is this a game I can play with my kids?

Fans and Cabinet for the House

The weather in the Philippines gets too humid at times, unfortunately but we only have one stand fan, which we used in our bedroom. Our living room needs a ceiling fan just what we have in our previous house. I roamed around a home furnishings store that sells ceiling fans yet I just could not find a Casablanca fans, there were imitations but I really don’t like it. I still love the Casablanca designs and its glamorous styles. I hope they will be able to provide that brand so I have an extra ceiling fan at home.
On the other note, since I could not find the designs I like for ceiling fan, I might just buy a cabinet where I can store my stuffed toys and some mini decorations. I hope I can save more this time so I could buy more stuff for the house.