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Bugging Her Sister

F is a very active toddler, one day while her sister was busy playing with her Nintendo she was bugging her and piling up with these pillows.

Jm loves her youngest sister, so she just ignored her, she sat down in the bed instead but F did not stop there.
She still piling up these pillows on the top of Jm’s head. Her eldest sister just went on and did not even argued with her or contradicted her or told her to stop bugging her because she was playing her Nintendo.
Until she was all covered with so many pillows yet she was still concentrating.
F said good job and gave me a hug. LOL

Our Sunday Today

Finally my little tea pod went to sleep after doing her exhibition in our bed, she finally went to sleep.
We went to church today and it is a nice feeling to at least you could tell HIM all your worries without any hesitation. If only F was behave I was able to concentrate with the homily then but I found myself chasing after her, sometimes I asked Jm to do that for me, my eldest followed seriously but they would fight when my youngest disobeyed her.
Right after church, they were both happy when I said we will be having dinner at a restaurant. Jm ordered her favorite menu and F just waited for me to decide what is best for her. She was begging for a coke but I said no, she just had an infection because of soda, thus she suits herself for a glass of mango juice and of course water.

This smile melts my heart

F just being so silly here when I asked her to say cheese and smile, and that was the T-shirt she doesn’t like to wear, maybe she thought, my sister will not take her out in the mall to meet me. She cried so hard and she even got an eye bags because of it. Nevertheless, when she sees me in the mall and her sister Jm, she could not help but to smile all along until we eat our lunch at Chowking. Look how cute she was! I love you darling!

Look Mama, I can Jump so High!

My youngest daughter is a very active toddler and a very sweet to me too. She is may be a terrible two sometimes but I guess it is just but normal.
While I was doing rounds in the blog land, she was also jumping so hard in our bed. She would even tell me sometimes to look at her; maybe she is bragging “Look, Mama I can jump high”. I found her so cute and so joyous; as I took a video on her she approached my poster as well and gave it some kiss.