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Obeying Her Teacher

My youngest daughter improved a lot at school, she won’t bug her teacher anymore while her teacher is talking and will not go under the table to play. The other day, there was an electricity outage, they have to go out from the classroom because it gets too hot already, they were in the gym singing, my sister saw them from the parent’s lobby she noticed that when they finished singing and they were asked to sit down, F obeyed her teacher and sat down unlike before, she would run or play or just don’t listen at all.

During their dismissal and she would go to the line in front to go out first, her teacher would tell her it was not her turn yet and she should go back to her line, she would go back at the back to wait for her turn without any complains! Yay, my baby is now behaving at school and I could not be happier! My baby, I love you so much!

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I am just so happy with Mj’s improvements in swimming, for 100 meters free style she was able to make it to 1 mins and 27 seconds from 1 mins to 40 secs last week. Their next competition would be on Sept. 24, it would be on Saturday, and I am getting nervous about it yet she’s taking it calmly unlike the previous competition. I hope she would win again and if she does I guess I have to buy her a pet as her reward from us.

Do I have to worry?

I am not sure what to do to my little toddler anymore; she can’t seem to be still at school. She easily gets bored and when she does, she would roam around the whole classroom or even hide at the back of the chart. Although she won’t listen to her teacher, somehow she manages to identify all the colors and can easily pronounce it very well. We even teased her of her pronunciation, she sounded like her father yet she is surrounded by the native people like me. LOL. And when she spoke to me in English, I am trying hard to speak to her in English. We really don’t actually teach her to speak like that; she just copied it from the cartoons that she watches in TV. And what surprised me is that she uses the word in the exact situation.

But I hope she would behave at school and will not hide under her table or put her legs on the top of her desk, or tell her classmates to wake up during nap time. I know she is too little yet to know what she is doing, I guess she is one of the youngest at school but she really needs to be tame. I hope my husband is here to help me decide if either we have to take her for a specialist for being hyper or do I need not to worry?

She Loves To Read Books

I keep on buying some books for Faith whenever we go to the mall, simply because she would really drag me where the books were situated. The colors and the images amazed her so much, but when I started to read the story for her, she keeps on flipping the page and won’t listen to me at all.

Lately, it has been changed, since I enrolled her for nursery. Every time they arrived home, she would gather her books from the table and would ask me to read the story of the books. Sometimes she would ask me of the shapes, the colors, the name of that certain image and the like. When I ask her back of those things she can easily remember and would answer me at that. Although there were images that she can’t easily identify thus I would tell her the name of that certain image again.