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Tattered Jeans

It was unplanned but when I see Faith’s smile when she tried, I can’t help to buy it for her.

It was expensive but how can you refuse that smile

I am in a budget but it was a tattered jeans and Faith looks so good in it.


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Garage Sale

I just had a blast today, I bought 4 pants for only 180 pesos each and it looks like new. Thanks to Ate Charlotte, who just had a garage sale today. I would never go to the mall for months because I already have some jeans to wear, it helps me save a lot.
And since I was too busy trying the jeans that Ate Charlotte sells, I didn’t notice that my husband has been trying to call me 7 times. When I finally answered the phone, he then told me I got so many miscalls from him. Oh well, spare the wife because I was too excited with the jeans that I tried, most of them were perfectly fit on me. Although I have to let it cut because it was so long, spare again the height. LOL

She Got Me There

Yesterday, Mj was so busy deciding what kind of clothes she would be wearing on Christmas Party. After a long dreaded decision making of what to pick up, she decided not to buy jeans, she said the blouse is already enough for her, she doesn’t have to buy a pair of jeans so I could save some of the money. I was so happy then because I will be able to buy new pants for me. And since she won’t buy a pair of jeans I told her she can buy a pair of shoes but right after I picked up my new pants, she showed me the shoes she wanted to buy and you know how much was it, grrr it was P700.00 I hope she does buy a pair of jeans though because that might saves me more. Aaarrgghhs she got me there!