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I Am Confused

My cousin just messaged me this morning that they are hiring this time in the account that I had been wanting to join for a year now. I really wanted to go to submit my requirements but this week is just so hectic. Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s birthday; I will be the one to deliver the lunch for the whole class and 2 boxes of pizza. If I will go at their office at 8 in the morning I may not be able to make it to do all things for Faith’s birthday because after I will deliver their lunch I have to grocery shop for our dinner at home then I have to go back in SM to buy the gift she wanted, not to mention I still have work later at night. Too busy that sometimes I can’t handle anymore.

On Friday, my sister already booked our Eden outing, an extension for her birthday celebration. Faith loves nature and animals and since we haven’t been there yet, I’d like to treat her, supposedly it was only her and I but my nieces, Mj and sisters would like to join, so I will be treating the whole family. I am hoping my money can make it. So moving forward I still can’t make it to their office. I know that opportunity knocks only once but how can I grab it, while I need to be a mother first for my kids. Oh God please guide my decisions.

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Seeking A Job

Who does love to talk or expert in telecom jobs oh well, there’s a lot of Networking & Telecomm Jobs abroad. You just have to try to apply for it and you know who knows you might as well accepted with their vacant jobs. With today’s crisis everyone must seek for a job before its too late, before your expenses will drown you or before any health inconvenience will happen to your family. I know it is hard to find a job nowadays plus the heat of the sun seems like trying to test your patience but once you get the job, you will be smiling all along, you will have nothing to worry if someone got sick and you need money to buy them medicines, you see it is just a matter of hard work, patience and determination and soon you will get the job that you wanted and maybe successful with that career. Don’t forget me when you are successful with the field that you’re choosing okay? 

The In Demand Profession

I supposed to go to the massage parlor today but my friend message me already too late so I just went to the mall to grocery shop.
Whenever I go there, I wonder what else does the therapist could do aside from doing a massage in the massage parlor, or if they ever dream to go abroad for their skills. Therapists Jobs are so in demand nowadays, I heard some countries are really hiring for this kind of profession. And I know their salary could not even sustain to support their family, so if given the chance I am sure they will grab it. But they should have a proper training and they should know what other jobs they should do. I know some schools offer a therapist course, if they would pursue it, I am sure they will be hired since they already know what to do and they have the certificate to prove that they are a professional therapist.

Don’t Give Up

We have had a problem economy for quite a while. Good jobs can be scarce and hard to find, management jobs in particular can be hard to find, but they are out there. All you need to do is do your homework and find them. The web is a good place to start looking for jobs. Newspaper ads may not provide you all the opportunities you want to consider. My husband tells me when he was looking for a job, after leaving the navy, that he went to Job Fairs, checked the newspapers, went to the unemployment commission to check their data base, but had his best look by looking on line. Don’t give up good jobs can be found.