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It’s A Date!

Love is in the air and it’s so exciting to spend time with someone you love. Whether you’re a married woman or a single lady about to go on the fourth date, it’s nice to enjoy butterflies and the opportunity to get wined and dined. Whether your date involves a night at the cabaret in New York City or a floral arranging class and dinner, there are a few things you’ll want to do before you head out for the date.

1. Attire
Find out where your date is taking you. Once you know, dress accordingly. If it’s a surprise, ask your date about the appropriate attire. You never want to wear a cute blouse and a pair of distressed jeans and find out that you’re going to the opera. Alternatively, you don’t want to wear a ball gown when your date is taking you to a basketball. Once you find out more regarding your expected attire, make sure to wear an outfit that flatters your body and leaves your date wanting more. Besides, it’s all about the chase!

2. Hair
No, you don’t need to have every single hair in place. Your date knows that you’re human. You don’t need to be immaculate, but it is nice to look as though you put forth an effort. Whether you choose to get your hair done or do it yourself, make sure that your hair looks fresh and new. To make things interesting, consider wearing a style that a lot of people give you compliments on. Wear hair accessories to add fashionable flair.

3. Scent
A putrid scent can really ruin a date. Make sure to practice proper oral hygiene. You don’t want to get to the end of the night and offend your date with gross-smelling breath. In addition to brushing your teeth before you leave, bring a few mints for the date. Furthermore, if it’s the beginning stages of the relationship, you might feel nervous. When people get nervous, they tend to sweat. Wear deodorant. It’s also a nice touch to wear a bit of perfume. It’s feminine, memorable and sexy. These details might seem minor, but they really do matter.

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This smile melts my heart

F just being so silly here when I asked her to say cheese and smile, and that was the T-shirt she doesn’t like to wear, maybe she thought, my sister will not take her out in the mall to meet me. She cried so hard and she even got an eye bags because of it. Nevertheless, when she sees me in the mall and her sister Jm, she could not help but to smile all along until we eat our lunch at Chowking. Look how cute she was! I love you darling!

When It’s Sunday, It’s Faith’s Day!

Finally, I am done with my house chores here. As usual nothing really exciting that happens today except that Faith behaved a bit when we were at church, right after the mass I told Mj to bring Faith to the priest so he could bless them. Then Mj asked for some peso to buy a cotton candy for them to munch while we were on our way to the mall.
We ate our lunch at pancake house then we headed to the grocery department to shop for foods. The wet market was so crowded, we always got our cart bumped to theirs, I am tired pushing and pulling it. I am just thankful that my eldest daughter is always ready to assist me; I guess if someone could see us, they might find us funny or maybe wondering why we were all alone at the shop. But even so I am still lucky that I have my kids around me and that I could still buy foods for them or things they could used.
Right now, I am so exhausted with our today’s activity but I enjoyed it so much. With Faith around, who would not be, after all this is her day, it’s actually Faith day. Oh, have I mentioned she just got a new haircut, it was pretty amazing how she talked and so smart to responds to the one who cut her hair, she did not cry at all. I am so proud of you Faith!

Facing her Fears

When we went to Jollibee for lunch, we saw Jollibee and Hetty entertaining customers and the kids. I know Faith wanted to go near at them, but it’s just something stopping her. Mj was the opposite because she never been afraid of those. Later, as she saw her sister hugging them, Faith followed, she was not scared anymore, in fact she went near Jollibee and hugged them, of course she screamed a little bit when Jollibee touches her forehead, that maybe because she was thrilled that she did face her fears.

As you can see at the picture, Faith was out of sight that was because she was so afraid to touch Jollibee and Hetty.

After a moment, she went passed through me then I found her at Jollibee, she got too excited and loving it so much. I hope when she saw other mascot, she won’t be afraid of them anymore, well I am crossing my finger for it.