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Definitely A Faith’s Day!

After work yesterday, we walked to get to the bank where we can withdraw our salary. It was early in the morning so we don’t worry of the heat of the sun. After we withdraw, we went to a fast food chain to eat our breakfast. It was already 7 in the morning that we finished our breakfast, I was sure that I could not make it to send Faith to her school. Good thing before we walked to the bank, I already informed my niece to give them fare to get to the school so Faith will not be late. I went home without seeing Faith and I missed her!

So instead of seeing my friends at work in the afternoon, I fetched Faith and together we went to my eldest school to pay to her tuition fee and we went to SM right afterwards. Faith asked me for her to play at the Kidzoona the moment we arrived there but they need someone to be there for her, we can’t leave her there alone and I need to buy a pair of shorts because my jeans got wet with the water bottle of Faith at the Jeepney going to Mj’s school. So we choose Zoofari for her instead, we left her there for one hour while I and sister Merlyn went to look for a cheap pair of shorts. We were able to find one at the department store. It was nice because it was a Jumper short. I was also seeing a friend who sold me a gift certificate at Felcris. She needs the money for her son’s birthday so I bought it yesterday.

After Faith enjoying her Zoofari blast, we went out to have our dinner in Kuya J at SM. No picture, it was just a simple dinner for me, Faith and sister Merlyn. We ordered Kare Kare and half roasted chicken which Faith loves so much, she ate a lot last night and it’s very rare for her to eat without insisting her to eat. She must love the roasted chicken. Yesterday was definitely a Faith’s day!

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Treat Her At SM After School

Since she was behaved at school I treat her in SM on Friday. She always likes to ride in a carousel so I let her. Right after the ride, we went together at MC Donald to eat. She loves the Smurf toy there and that’s what she always asks from me, she got a total of 5 Smurf as of this time. Even though I got tired after our adventure, it was all worth it, she smiled all the way and that is enough for my heart to melt. Here’s the picture of her enjoying the ride.

 photo 988687_10201333548276812_1910361885_n_zpsa768ef18.jpg

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Lost Again!

We are so tired, we went to MOA today after Jm finished her lapse at Rizal stadium, we went there to take lunch but since it is the premiere of “Every Breath You Take”, I bought a ticker for 4 and watched it.

After the movie, I took the kids to the park, Jm rented the scooter and I bought a ticker for me and F for the rides, we took 2 rides all in all. F wanted to ride more but I told her we don’t have money anymore and so she obliged not to ask anymore.

We stayed there until the sky gets dark then we went up again to the mall to have our dinner. The restaurant along the park was too expensive, good thing they didn’t have Hito so we found an excuse to go out from the restaurant and went to the food court immediately.

We were lost, yes we’re lost again! I thought the Gil Puyat is just near at the Pedro Gil but no it is a totally different location. We have to ride an LRT to get to Pedro Gil easily so even though it is crowded there, we don’t have any choice.

The kids are exhausted when we arrived in the hotel and I am too, so goodnight everyone!

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A Long Day Today

If others are enjoying at their home on Saturday, mine is not, because we have to get up early in the morning for my daughter’s training. After the training and our lunch, I have to send her to her Kumon for her session then I went back to the house to fetch Faith and sister Merlyn, we planned to take Faith in the mall because we have to buy her a pair of jogging pants and a white T-shirt for her P.E.
It was a long day but because my kids enjoyed it so much, their smile has faded my tiredness. Especially when Faith kisses me on my cheeks and said thank you for the things that I bought for her that was already a bonus.