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Mellow Yellow Monday # 32 : Majorette


My niece was a majorette when she was in grade school. Now that she is already in high school, her uniform was just set aside. Mj found it when we went at their house and my niece tried to dress her up with that uniform. Well, I guess my daughter has to remain in a swimming class because this uniform doesn’t fit her at all; she is indeed so dark in yellow. Lol

Mellow Yellow Monday # 31 : Faith and the Pole


While we were waiting for the program to start last Saturday, Faith was having fun in the pole. She keeps on transferring one from the other, no injury occurs though; she was able to balance herself with her exhibition. I guess she wanted to be a gymnast because she loves to squirm or make a tumbling, she even want me to do it also. Alright my pole dancer, uh uh sorry my very active lovely baby, Faith.

Mellow Yellow Monday # 30 : Barney

When we grocery shopped last night, my youngest daughter suddenly saw a Barney book at the shelves. She picked it up right away and when my niece grabbed the book to return it back to the shelves, she got mad and wanted to keep it. I have no choice but to pay for it in the cashier and now she is sleeping with her book, well she usually does that.

My niece also bought a Candy Magazine yesterday
and has been asking me to be Edward Team, lol.


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Mellow Yellow Monday # 29: Hate Late


Our dinner last night except for Faith was pizza from Pizza Hut. After we watched the Shrek since I believe we would get tired when we arrive at home, I decided to drop by at Pizza hut to order some Pizza for us.