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Where is the Love?

My kids had their recital on March 3 last month, I really asked my boss to allow me to take a half day absent because I need to attend and will watch their show. Good thing, they approved it, even though it was already the last minute that I informed them about the event.

I think I already posted here their recital but not this video that I will be posting a little bit later. I loved to dance and when I was still young, I used to dance; I even joined dance performance during our scholar’s sports fest in college. And I am proud to say that I and my team dance hip hop so well (grinning)  and maybe Mj took that talent from me because she danced so well too. She looks conscious with the stepping but she conquered it until the very last minute.

I was a proud Mom when I watched her and I can’t help to scream and cheer for her. Yeah, it sounded like she is in a competition, striving so hard to win, I feel like it.

On the other hand, I was able to take a video of her and her school mates dancing their heart out in NCCC Mall. They look so cool and I was teary eyed!

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Excited and Giggling

I woke up so early today, I immediately heat the water that Mj will going to use, so her water will be warm when she’s taking a bath. She is so excited because their P.E. today is swimming, their teacher in P.E. will teach them how to swim. I know she is already under training for swimming but she can’t just hold the excitement since she will be showing her classmates all the strokes that she learned. According to her teacher since she knows how to swim, she could teach her classmates if she like.
Right after she went off to school, I slept beside Faith. I had quiet a little nap until she gets up. It was already 10:00 a.m., so I feed her quickly. After she had her breakfast, she told me she is ready to take a shower, I let her play the water first for a while, because if I won’t she would cry very hard. After I visited some websites, I checked on her at the bathroom and she was making bubble. She was smiling so wide when she saw me, I bathe her right away. When she’s done, she asked me to turn the TV on so she could watch her favorite program, but there’s no Shaun the Sheep, or Pheneas and Ferb yet she was giggling when the movie “Bolt” is in Disney Channel.


My eldest daughter suddenly woke up at 2:00 a.m., crying, she said that her tooth aches too much. She was so sleepy and she was crying, after she complained about her toothaches, she closed her eyes a bit I thought she will be alright and can bear the pain because she did not noticed me, asking her if she would like to take a paracetamol. But in a moment or two she woke me up and begged me if I could accompany her to the kitchen to get the paracetamol so to intake it. We woke up together and hand her the other half of the tablet of Biogesic. We went back in our bed, hoping it would subside. Sure, she was able to get back to sleep but when she woke up this morning, she was still complaining about it.
She went to the living room and sleep in the couch for seconds, when she opened her eyes I asked her again about her toothache, she said it’s a bit alright now but I guess I still have to take her to her dentist specially the one that hurts was the tooth that the dentist repaired this year. Mj got an accident at school, and she hit her front tooth in the floor, she did not bleed but her tooth was damaged. The dentist could not extract it because it is a permanent tooth so she suggested filling it in.

Dancing Together

Mj is a good dancer, she can sway her body smoothly and Faith wanted to be like her, only then she was not swaying her body but she sways her foot instead. It was a fun evening for the three of us, soon their Dad will going to witness their little bonding. Life is just so good thank you so much GOD.