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The Piano Is New And Yet

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The piano was bought last February so Faith has something to use during their recital but I didn’t expect they will lost the charger. They gave me a different charger and now I have to check in the mall if they have a charger for our piano, I just hope they took good care of the accessories so it will not messed up now I have to buy another one for it, not to mention this piano is so new.

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Her Electronic Music Endeavors

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my youngest daughter has started to learn to play the piano. To help her in her studies, we bought her an electronic keyboard. As she progresses we may add things to help her enhance her electronic music endeavors. We were thinking of getting her something like the akai apc40 Ableton Performance Controller which we can get from Musicians Friend. We are very happy with her progress so far and were proud of her when she did her best during her first recital. We are looking forward to see her continued progress and will do whatever it takes to give her the tools to improve.

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Good Luck With Your Recital This Summer

It is summer; finally my kids are done with busy days at school. Yeah we were too busy especially with my eldest daughter as she is one of the band members at school. Faith recital is with playing a piano, it was so short but I am sure she had so much fun, this summer I am planning to enroll her for any musical workshops, good thing I don’t have to buy anymore a keyboard she already have one. I just hope that the studio will not require an Akai Professional or I will be doomed. In the contrary, this portable keyboard controller can create melodic music, if you know how to do it right I am sure your performance will totally give you a score of 10. So if you have the budget and you want to have an amazing performance during your recital, click this link and do the mixture right and everything will follow. Good luck!

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Taking Advantage Of A Deal

I have mentioned before that our eldest daughter is progressing very nicely with the guitar.  She is becoming a skilled guitarist.  She has recently expressed and interest in learning to play the drums.  This past summer she started taking lessons.  We were thinking of taking advantage of a musiciansfriend stupid deal and getting her a practice drum set pad set.  Hopefully this will let us practice, save us the expense of buying a full set of drums (if she decides to not continue) and save our eardrums when she practices.  We hope she is successful in her music endeavors and want to help her in any way we can to help her improve her music skills.

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