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My Youngest Dancing Ballet

My daughter loves to dance even she doesn’t know how to, even her father said Faith does not know how to dance, how come she loves dancing? In the contrary, the ballet dancing that she showed me before the New Year was a lot of fun. I even took a video of her dancing the ballet, although it was not a proper stepping but she tried her hardest to sway like a ballet dancer does. I don’t know where she got the stepping maybe it was from the book that we read about a little girl who wants to know ballet. I remember, she was imitating the tip toe and showed it to me. Anyway, have fun watching the video below:

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She Tried My Patience

My youngest daughter really tried my patience tonight. She doesn’t want to sleep, she was still hooked up with the movie in Cartoon Network, but she needs to sleep as it is already getting late. I let them watched TV tonight since Mj doesn’t have school tomorrow and Faith would only have a picture taking session at school for their graduation but that doesn’t mean she would be sleeping late. She cried so hard, she sat down in the corner and murmuring. She fought back when I tried to talk to her, I told her to face the wall yet she was not facing the wall but just sitting down in the corner. I let her but she knows I am already mad, I have to be firm otherwise she would think it would turn out to be okay for me showing that behavior if I would gave in. When she did not cry at all, I talked to her again and told her what she did was not good, I told her that if I want her to sleep, she would follow me, she said okay and now I am enjoying the silence of the night. My kids are now both asleep.

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My Little Stunt

Here’s my little tea pot, since her school is in a hurry to ask for a picture for her I.D. I decided to have this picture edit, so I can submit it to them the next day. Oh well, this picture still look so fine though, she was seriously, oh no just showing her cuteness.
Now, that little cuteness, or should I say that little shyness in the picture, just shows us her stunt, my little poser.
I love you so much my little Faith!

Her Homework

My sister told me that Faith has homework; we need to cut out an object or a picture and paste it on her book to match the color of the box that was there. I thought my little teapot would just being naughty or bugged while I am doing the work for her, but to my surprised my baby helped me to finish her homework. What I did was I let her to be part of what I was doing; I am doing the cut out of the pictures since she is not allowed to hold a scissor then I asked her to put some glue on the picture and assist her to paste it on the page of the book. She was having fun and I was too! She was so excited yet of course there are some naughtiness she did so I just let her do the things she want, but when I finished cutting out, I really called her to do her job. When we were done, she told me good job Mama! Very good!