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A Great Start

It is so nice to found some relatives especially when you don’t know that they are existing, all I know is that, here in our place, we were only few and I thought I knew enough from the province. When I saw my sister’s account in FB, I asked her about some friends who are listed there as we have the same surname. My sister said she doesn’t know, they just invited her to add them up ever since she puts her middle name, our family name before and she just accepted them since we have the same surname. So I add them and talk to one of them, he said he has some relatives in Siquijor, actually his half brother is from there. And I told him that, my father’s family is from there and so we are really on the same bloodline. I just hope we could get to see them in the future, yes we don’t know them but I guess knowing them in FB could be a great start.

Active Member of FB

At first, I only joined the FB because of the so in demand and the popular games that the FB hosted, I left my blogging world for a moment then I realized it was no used to play games there at all, yes you could earn in the restaurant, farmville and farmtown but there’s no way you could use it. So I stated a bankruptcy to all of my business there and concentrated back again in oh so helpful blogging. I just make a peek for like minutes especially when my friends posted their pictures.
One day, I was so bored at all that I found myself searching for some friends from decades ago, like high school classmates and friends, my co-scholars from college, my workmates so on and so forth, so I found one site from my high school batch and my college friends as well, there was also a site from my co-scholars who were also hosted by some of my friends back then, I decided to follow them and left a comment from their site, that hey I am still alive! Some recognized me and reconcile with me through adding me as one of their friends, some just ignore me at that. Well I was not the Ms. Popular at school, I was just known as the scholar who was in-charge of the Speech Laboratory and the side kick of as what they said the most terror teacher at school.
Anyway, just few days ago, I started uploading some of me and kids pictures, I was surprised that my friends left some comments there. I was inspired and began to reply and leave comments at their page too, I was also active of writing shout outs and responding at them as well.
I am not sure as to when would I keep being an active member of that site, but since I am a bit addicted to it so I must just let myself go with it. Come what may when would I stop, I know I will just like the games I left before.