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Her New Bag And Books

So we went to SM Ecoland with kids and were checking for school bags for my grader. She is a transfer to where my eldest daughter used to school during her high school. So we need to have a big durable bag for her books and notebooks. See, she has a total of 8 books that she would bring almost every day. I was thinking stroller but she said she’s not a baby anymore and strollers are for babies. So she looked for a bag that suits her. Faith doesn’t like pink or Barbie’s, I guess she is the only girl that doesn’t like Barbie’s or pink colors.  After roaming around the 2nd floor where the bags were placed, finally she was able to choose one and that is the one below.

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New School Again For Her

After thinking a million of times, after checking the pros and cons of either transferring my youngest or not, finally I came up already with a decision. You see, I’d been planning to transfer my youngest since last year, but was not able to do so. When I broke the news to Faith of her transferring to another school, she does not agree with me, she said she will miss her classmates and her teachers but after the moving up day, I was able to convince her to visit some schools, she was having doubts with the first and second option but when we went to SPC. She was amazed with the facilities, the CR and the whole area. She took an entrance exam right away. After the entrance exam we were told to come for an interview last Saturday, she was able to pass both. And today, I finally enrolled her! She said finally we were done all the three steps and we were able to do it smoothly.

I know there will be a lot of adjustment and I am scared and worried but I have faith on Faith. I know with all the backups and support coming from us. I know she can make it. She said though she can’t wait for the class to start. I may have to file a vacation leave on that day so I can go with her on the first day of class. I always thank her previous school Proverbville Christian School for nurturing Faith to become better, I owe you a lot.

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Rest For A Week

Thank GOD that I will be resting for one week meaning I don’t have to drive till night because it is Mj’s periodical exam and she needs to study for the week to prepare for the next week’s periodical exam. In times like this, I would like to spend my time at night to rest but I just can’t rest because Faith and I also needs to study and I also need to prepare dinner for the whole family plus my blog is waiting enthusiastically.

I am still assisting Mj when she studies, but not much anymore. It is just like I am asking her question and she would answer. In math, she will do it on her own, their topic is already so complicated and since she is the expert I just leave it to her. I always told her though that she needs to pass all the test so she can join the competition otherwise both will suffer.

She is already in Grade 8, meaning she’s in 2nd year high school, she plan to use the swimming to get a scholarship in college, I hope she can. Two years from now she will attend junior high and that means she will not attend in the same venue of campus much bigger this time. Geez I can’t wait!

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In The Next School Year

Ever since the first day of January, Mj and I were already planning where I would enrol her to school in the next school year, yes, she will be graduating on March and she is very excited. At first she didn’t like the idea of transferring school but later I was able to convince her and agreed that she will take an entrance examination in SPC. So today even though we slept late from last night, we woke up so early and went to SPC for the entrance exams. I waited for her to finish like 2 or 3 hours when she went out from the room where she took her exams, she said she was doing fine and she thinks she would pass.

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