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I Picked Up The Wrong Cream

When I can’t seem to decide what cream should I used to my face, I just picked some cream in the display counter when I visited the mall and now here I am suffering from having an adult acne. It was so huge and big that I couldn’t even have the spirit to look myself in front of our mirror. I have to find a solution for this the soonest possible time or else I shall be just doomed inside our house if this ugly adult acne would spread everywhere in my face. Mind you, this is so stressful especially when you don’t have anything to do at home than to scrutinizing always your pimple, it is no fun at all! I feel so remorseful of picking up the wrong cream that I didn’t I was allergic at. Good thing today, the teacher of my daughter in P.E messaged me that Jm could start her training today at the pool, I was able to see the beauty possessed by the green trees and nature nears where the training was held.

Blemishes and Blackheads

MJ will be a teenager soon and will have to deal with all those teenage problems. Boys, her little sister faith and unsightly blemishes are all things she will have to deal with. Well I can control two of them (I hope), the boys and faith, but for blemishes like pimples or blackheads, I need to find a good medication. Websites such as can give you recommendations on the best blackhead or pimple medication. I want my daughter to look good and not have to deal with the embarrassment blemishes can cause. I would not like her to be teased by her classmates just because she has a “zit.”

Check it Thoroughly

Some acne treatments are not that effective, have you noticed that after you put some treatments into your acne, you skin is so dry at all? Some even have side effects so you must be careful buying some products for acnes because you might be dwelling a major problem after the treatment. You must check the acne medicine thoroughly so to decimate the acne and not to give more allergy to your skin. You also have to remind yourself to have a stress free routine like taking closely to your diet and have a complete rest at night.

Teen’s Problem

Every teens I know when having pimples and acnes are often pondering in how to get rid of acne, they would sometimes prick it out because they don’t know what treatment is the best for it and mostly they could not afford branded products for their acne. The causes of getting acne are mostly when a person doesn’t get enough sleep or when she is eating a lot of oily foods. Just like me now, I am so sleepy and I am sure that I would get pimples in no time if I don’t sleep as required. So it is not only teen’s problem but of course to those young at heart as well. Therefore, I need to take a nap again not later but now.