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She Did An Amazing Job

The day before Faith’s recital, my sister told me that Faith was being acknowledged for doing a good job during their practice for their Doxology part. The teacher congratulates for dancing it with all her heart. When my sister told me about this, I can’t help but to get excited.

I thought they will perform it in the morning, since the teacher said she had part in the morning program which is the Matinee. She danced with the hip hop but she was in the back, thus I could not take any picture nor took a video for her. She only joined two parts in the morning. The rest was held in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, they have started the Gala with their inspirational dance “Doxology” I went in front right away so I can see her clearly and they were right she danced it glee this time. She was able to follow the steps with emotions; it was too way different from her performance last year and the previous year. I nearly cried when I saw her dance joyfully and seriously. My eldest daughter approached and said she was so proud of her little sister. This is indeed a milestone for her; I can already say this time that she improved a lot.

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The Piano Is New And Yet

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The piano was bought last February so Faith has something to use during their recital but I didn’t expect they will lost the charger. They gave me a different charger and now I have to check in the mall if they have a charger for our piano, I just hope they took good care of the accessories so it will not messed up now I have to buy another one for it, not to mention this piano is so new.

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15 My Daughter’s Performance At The Cap

We woke up early in the morning yesterday so I can send Mj to the saloon to have her hair fixed and a little make up. She was so excited to perform she learned from taking up a guitar lesson, but she was so nervous as well. At first she told me she doesn’t like to join the recital but I advise her how can she share what she learned if she won’t try the recital and perform in front of the audience.

She did not take her breakfast, oh well she’s always like that even before she was still a swimmer she won’t eat breakfast when she is nervous with her event. But later when she is already there and after her event, she would eat a lot. She was the third performer to be called to play guitar on the stage. And she will perform the 15 of Taylor Swift, the video is below.

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I received a text messaged one day informing me that Mj is qualified for her recital. I was overwhelmed with happiness I mean I already know that she is qualified since Mj keeps on telling me about this recital. But it is a different feeling when somebody from that studio who really works there said a piece of Mj’s advance of her learning. At first she is practicing the Hawak Kamay but later she is practicing the Fifteen of Taylor Swift. I am so excited with her recital, I am sure she would invite her friends Arisa and Yuna on that day. She is practicing very hard that when the string got busted she bought another piece of string immediately. She is also exploring some guitar tutorial in the computer though that is how eager and enjoying her field now. She would also go to the pool from time to time with her cousin and practicing her strokes.

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