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Shielding My Kids

When my kids are sick, especially if Jm is sick I would isolate her by letting her sleep in the other bedroom or in the living room because I don’t want my youngest daughter to get the infection that her sister has. And on the process, every time my eldest daughter is sick, she would volunteer already to sleep alone. The same thing when other kids are sick especially if it is very contagious, as long as I can I would avoid my kids from them. And I am sure it is not discrimination, it is a normal reaction of the parents especially the mothers to protect their kids. I could not afford to see them suffer because I did not apply precautions. I would rather be mocked by this nonsense as long as I have shielded my kids from any harm.

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My Eldest is Not Feeling Well

Next to Faith, now Mj is sick. Her nose was congested since yesterday; she had to get up from the pool because her ear was hurting her already. I found her sitting down in the cottage, playing her Nintendo when I went back from paying my insurance at the government agency. She slowly getting a cough also so I and my husband agreed to let her have rest from training. Although today she insisted on attending the KUMON in the morning and since I think she can still carry herself, we both went to her advance tutorial. She was alright until when we went home, she feels like dizzy and wanted to rest immediately. She had a fever awhile ago but she’s alright now, her fever subsided right after, she took a Paracetamol.

We’re doing better but we need more rest

Thank GOD Faith is doing better now, her Pedia advised us for anti-biotic and right after our appointment with Faith’s pedia, and I immediately went to my Pulmonologist to ask medicines for my cough. It is so hard and it sometimes gives me some trouble sleeping especially at night, thank GOD we’re doing better, but we have to rest more this time.

We all got sick!

We all got sick! After I caught flu from my niece, my youngest daughter followed, she had fever last night and it even went up to 39 degrees, I was so worried and crying, I asked GOD to guide me through all the night, not to mention that I was alone taking good care of her. Mj also has a dry cough started on Sunday.
I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I know I should rest early but I cannot help it, I have to monitor my daughter’s fever. After I cried, I decided to be online to talk to my friend Genny, she mentioned about the dosage and the span of hours for her to take the paracetamol again. So I did not wait until 12:00 a.m., since she took the medicine at 6:00 p.m., after she took the medicine, her temperature slowly went down, she still have fever now but not much. How I wish her fever will go away in due time, oh LORD please help me!