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Just All Because Of Her Skin Asthma

So I was hoping that I would only spent at least a thousand for whatever ointment that the Doctor will recommend but I was shocked when I realized it’s more than I expected. Yes, yesterday after of so many months of her agonizing, a year maybe finally I sent my eldest daughter to a Derma clinic. I know I kept on making a promise that we will be going but due to financial constraint, I wasn’t able to do so and Mj somehow loses her confidence because of it, recently she doesn’t wore shorts at all but long jeans that would cover her legs. She was a swimmer and she is used to wear athletes swim suits, she wanted to go back but what stops her is this allergy on her legs. We were suspecting Eczema, I bought an ointment for it but it will heal for few days and then back again maybe we really need a recommendation from a doctor what to buy for her allergy. But I know it will be so hard, our funds don’t come so easy recently so we waited and waited and finally yesterday I was able to come out with a better amount. We went there right away, I know it is very much expensive but I never expected that it will more than what I expected maybe if we were there when her allergy was just started, our ointment and these lotion he recommended will be minimize and we will only spent with a smaller amount. On the other hand, what’s best is that she will be healed finally.

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For My Skin Allergies

I am suffering for skin allergy right now, I supposed to take the Alnix last night but I didn’t expect I was running out of stock then so for one night I have to suffer a lot of itchy. I feel like I am drunk because I got too groggy this morning yet I have to wake up so I can prepare Mj’s breakfast I supposed to assist her with her review on Science but I was too tired. When I got out this afternoon, I really didn’t forget to buy the medicine for my allergy I wanted to stay home to rest but I need to go out even it was raining so hard outside. Geez, rains give me goose bumps I feel like there would be a flood on the way home and I can’t get out. Paranoid eh? Oh well, everything is being too harsh already, few rains could make flash floods or lands slides or rock slides, how will anyone won’t get paranoid right? Anyway, when you are taking anti allergy tablets, you will fall asleep that easy so folks I need to go, goodnight everyone!

Skin Asthma

Since the allergy in Jm’s face went terribly wrong and is not still heal, I decided to bring her to the Dermatologist today. We waited for like 30 minutes for our name to be called, we were enjoying the movie we watched on their TV when her name was called, I know it was expensive but I have to send her otherwise it might get worst.
And so I was right, it was not just an ordinary allergy but skin asthma, the Doctor said maybe she used a soap that was not good for her. Well, as I recalled she bought Vaseline and last time was milk soap, now the Doctor recommended her soap, a sun block lotion, a sun block cream for her face and the treatment. It was quiet expensive but well it is better than if we just leave it as it is.