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Lost Book

I just found out that Faith’s book is lost and we need it because she have a poem that she needs to memorize and assignments that needs to answer. I also just notice the note tonight; she is also looking for it. I asked Faith if where did she put her book and she doesn’t know. I already have tried to look for it in every corner here at home but I could not find it. This is the 2nd time that Faith lost her book; I mean the first book was just found here at home. And I am hoping that we could also find this book tonight but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. So my sister and I went to her classmate’s house to copy the poem that they need to recite by tomorrow. Good thing the mother was still awake and she welcomed us to their home, my sister just took a picture of the poem. When we went back home, I let Faith memorize the poem right away, Faith already knew some sentence so it was just easy for her to recite it. We took a video of her and I will put the link here some other time. I am stillĀ hoping to find the book not later than next week.

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Studying For The Final

I could not sometimes believe that my youngest daughter has grown so fast now. She is doing good with her school, thanks to my niece who is always willing to assist her studies whenever I am out to attend my eldest. Here’s the video that I took when they were studying for the finals.

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Studying On Her Own

I’d been assisting my eldest daughter for her study since then and now that she is already in Grade V, I realized she should be studying on her own. So I applied that on the other month periodical test, I just checked her notes or her mock quizzes that she did if she really answer those. Until now, it is still effective, at least now she will depend no one but herself. Anyway, she is focused with her Civics, Science, and English subject, she found those subjects very difficult and if she would slipped it for an instance one day of not reviewing her notes, the next day she would surely be lost out of track. By next year, I’ll be starting to assist my youngest daughter with her study; definitely I am back to where I started. 

Reviewing For Her Exam Tomorrow

My eldest daughter is currently studying the past form of Irregular verb, no matter how she memorizes, it always slips on her head what is the past form of a certain verbs. She was alright with regular verbs like, she would add s when the noun used is singular, if it’s plural she doesn’t need to use add the s except I and you. Although she would get confused sometimes, I believe she can make it this time. Her teacher even told her that she is improving so well in English.
Good thing. Faith sleeps early tonight; Mj could concentrate on her review. Usually, when Faith is awake, she would disturb her sister in the bedroom or ask her to get her a glass of water, or milk, or ask her to play with her. She would ignore me when her sister is around, and she will just call me when her sister would ignore her or when they are already arguing over a certain thing. I sometimes told Mj not to fight with her little sister but there are times that my eldest daughter should show her little sister who is the Ate. I don’t have problem with that since Faith should know how to respect especially when the other one is busy doing her school works.