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An Angry Mom

I am sorry if I am an angry Mom at times but I was it is not because I just feel like it but because I want you be raise well.

I am an angry Mom at times when you do things that in the end you will be the one to feel sorry. I want you to think your action first so you don’t have to deal the consequences. I don’t want you to get hurt the reason why I needed you to listen. I am an angry Mom because I want you to be mature, I want you to know that life is not like a bed of roses that you would enjoy until the end of day, remember roses have thorns that if you will not be careful, you may not feel like it.

Even though, I am sorry that I am an angry Mom but believe me, this angry Mom want only the best for you, this angry Mom loves you so much, always ready to shield you from all the pains, and this angry Mom would always sacrifice just to give you everything in the world. Thus, I hope you would understand, why I need to be angry just for you to know which one is right and wrong. But my love, I am so sorry if I am an angry Mom.

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There is always Someday

Right after we went home, Mj did not skipped the night. She asked me to get her to the pool for training. And as I can see while she is on training, she was not that talkative at all. I guess she is really serious this time. And I am glad at least our time was not wasted by just talking. The reason also that she wanted to swim right away is that after a week she have a competition again. Yes, tomorrow is her first competition for DACS. And she is hoping that she could get a place so she can swim for DACS. But whatever happen even if she won’t qualify, she still have my full support, anyway there is always someday.

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Hate It Or Love It

I have read this in the book I just bought last year, and teenagers or kids must read this.

While playing in the garden, little Timmy noticed a bee on a flower. When he tried to catch it, the bee pierced Timmy’s hands with its stinger. “Ouch!” he screamed, running to his mother. “I hate bees, Mommy!”

Timmy’s mom tried to take his attention away from the pain by getting him ¬†a cracker with honey on it. “Hmmmm, yummy!” Timmy said “I love it!”

Well, the bee that stung your hand is the same bee that produces honey that you love!”

Every Christian goes through joy and pain in his life. Along with the wonderful parts of our lives are problems that sting. I am sure you love your parents but sometimes, you feel hurt when they say “no” to your plan to sleep over in a friend’s house.

Paul, the greatest missionary in the Bible, said that whatever state he was in-good or bad, full or hungry-he learned to be content.

When you feel the pain of ¬†disappointment, call on God for the grace to be content and to respond properly. Instead of complaining, learn to see why “no” is sometimes best for you.

Book: Super Devos

Author: Grace D. CHong

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Have you experienced or at least said that you will do things more nice this year, or I will not fight with my little sister anymore or I will do my homework first before I will watch TV or open my computer? But even how hard we remember it or how hard we try to follow it, you just can’t do it? Maybe because you are doing it so sudden and did not take it one at a time, in life sometimes making it altogether can be so complicated and later we found, we haven’t done anything and yet we are already tried to do it. It is also because we lack effort. With GOD, he never lacks efforts when he said there will be light indeed there is light. This demonstrated the greatness of GOD. Today, we should start to do things, begin it with light things when you say today I will praise and do it.

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