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She Will Missed Her

One of the friends she would ever missed in the pool is no other than her Ate Isa, they had been together and friends for quiet a long time now. But one must move on, although she was so sad to stop her training but we can’t do anything with it. This only proves that nothing in this world is permanent; things will eventually change even though we hardly did our best for that.
Jm said when I asked her if she misses her Ate Isa, well she is only one text away! Hehehe

Thank you Mama, A Yabu

I am here at Kumon waiting for my daughter to finish, there were two days she was not able to attend her tutorial since we got too busy this week. F’s was still asleep when we went out I am sure she will look for us when she gets up. Today will be a busy day for us, as we have to meet some friends in the mall, I am sure we will be having a long chit chats about life and stuff. I hope JM will not get bored of waiting for me while I am having fun. Well, on the second thought, I guess she will not, because she brought her Nintendo with her. She would even thank me for that since later in the afternoon until tonight, she could not touch her Nintendo anymore because she will be very busy for her training.
I hoped to bring F to the pool but you know how she gets too excited when she sees water, she doesn’t care to jump at that. Well, how I wish she knows how to swim though so I will not worry of her getting drown, I could still remember her on her birthday, she was so persistent to join the other kids in the pool, but sister Merlyn was firmed not to let her. Even so, she still told me “Thank you Mama, I yabu” when we were on our way home after her party.

Practice and Training

I have to go out early again today, my eldest daughter has a practice at school, and I have to go to her Advance Tutorial of exchange of her worksheets since she cannot attend today’s session. Right after I went to the Kumon, I have to go back to fetch her up at school so we could both go home. I supposed to write an entry for my other blog last night but I wasn’t able to do so, Faith woke up all so sudden just after I finished watching my favorite series in the TV. I have to lie down beside her so she could go back to her dreamland otherwise she will wake up and would go back to our slumber at 3:00 in the morning.
When she finally sleeps, I tried to log in but geez I was just too droopy, that all I want to do was to go back in bed. Mj was still in the living room, having a fun time with facebook. Yes I made her one for some games she could play, I was just pitied on her, she was asking for it a year ago already. I just told her to be so careful adding people, if she doesn’t know them, then she should not add them. I also put privacy on her profile, just like mine. Even you would add me, using my yahoo add, you still can’t find me unless I will be the one to add you and if you have seen my profile through friends of friends.
Right now, I and Mj went home, I would take some rest a little bit later so I have enough energy when I send Mj to her training. Have a good nap everyone!

My Headache Has Gone In An Instant

My head was aching so hard yesterday after I have my hair redone, when we arrived at the swimming venue, I eat immediately at the canteen as I thought I was only hungry but to my dismay it did not work that way. It gets even worst when I watched a movie from a laptop that my friend brought at the cottage, I already took a Paracetamol but my head was still aching so I walk around and bought a bottle of water then I went to the pool area where Mj has her training.
I was pretty amazed of her performance last night because even she was not able to swim for almost two weeks, she still could almost catch up with the one who is always there everyday, she was only 5 inches behind from the one who reaches the first edge of the pool. One of her coaches told me that she would be faster if she will swim everyday and she could even beat the one who is ahead of her. I just smiled at her because I am not sure if we could do the everyday training, but hopefully we will.
Right after I watched the swimmers in the pool and the water itself, my headache has gone in an instant.