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Simple Dinner With My Family Before The Wedding

I supposed to have a bridal shower before my wedding day; I was already so excited to give out my bridal shower invitations when I suddenly got so busy with other things. I had so many things to follow up like my wedding gown, the entourage gown, the florist coordinator, and my wedding invitation, which was a master piece of my friend Cheryl, I had to help her so we could finish that early and we could send it out to all the guests who were invited. I lost out of track of my bridal shower plans, I was sad but through the encouragement of my husband and his support, I slowly forgot all about it. So instead of a grandest bridal shower party, we choose to have a simple dinner with my family before the wedding day.

Girl’s Talk : Music of my Heart

I didn’t know that even to search for a piece of song for a wedding could be so hard. I had so many songs in mind but nothing really came up good. I mean I love those but I was searching for a song that my heart would desire, that my heart would love to hear and approve. You know that feeling that yeah it was a nice love song but I am not sure why it just didn’t fit me at all.
I’ve searched online at the same time watching the Judy Ann-Ryan Wedding. Then I heard the Run Away with You as their serenade. I kept on humming the tune, I even searched it on you tube then I knew it was the song we would use for our first dance.

Big Events

The past year has really been an eventful one for me, my family and two very close friends. It started last May (2009), when my close friend Clarinda got married. At the same time she was preparing for her wedding and getting her things ready, I really had to start working on my own. I was married in September.
This past April, my good friend Grace was married, and just last month my cousin was married. These were all big events for me and lots of planning was involved. We all helped each other prepare except for planning the bridal shower games. These were each done by our friends and family. We found that there are free bridal shower games to print out on the web. They helped make the shower an exciting and fun event.
Being involved in the bridal shower of Clarinda and helping to plan it, really made me aware of the things I needed to get done to prepare for my own wedding. Planning the Bridal shower was fun and the event itself was a great success. It also got me off my butt and made me start to work on the preparations for my won wedding.
I was very happy with the way it turned out. I was proud of the parts played by MJ and Faith in our wedding. They were such good girls and really did their part to contribute to our happy day. I enjoy planning events like bridal showers and birthday parties, but it is a lot of work. The big reward is the smiles and thanks you receive for a job well done.

Before The Wedding

I was ready to send out our wedding invitations then, when I found out that Terry can’t arrive on the day we had planned. He has to attain some data base problems at work and he was the only one who could solve it. I was devastated, I even told him to phone me when he was ready to book for another flight or he already solve whatever his problem there. He called me so many times to try to explain me about how his work messed up when he was ready to go, good thing that when he called me on the third time, I was already talking to a friend about her friend who could help us with the papers to be submitted in the local office to get the marriage license.
Our wedding invitations get on hold until he arrived as he also wanted to send those things out together. So although he was so tired from the trip and got all sweaty at that day, he patiently went with me to hand over the invitations to the guests.